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(White Shepherd Dog, White German Shepherd, Berger Blanc Swiss, American-Canadian White Shepherd) The American White Shepherd is identical to the German Shepherd with the exception of one distinctive characteristic. American White Shepherds boast a long, stiff coat that is pure white in color.

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American White Shepherds are friendly and highly intelligent. Protective and loyal of its family, this breed is capable of being leery or aloof with strangers. They are not an aggressive dog breed, and they are very easy to train. American White Shepherds enjoy working, and they usually learn tricks quickly. They are very sensitive (to the point of being timid), so it’s important for trainers not to utilize harsh methods. Young American White Shepherds should be socialized at a young age to prevent the onset of timid behavior. They constantly need to be around people. American White Shepherds bark regularly.

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22 – 26 inches
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77 – 85 pounds
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General Health

Like other large dog breeds, the American White Shepherd is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. Owners should ensure that both of the specimen’s parents have their hips certified by the OFA. Other health concerns within this breed include degenerative joint disease, malabsorbtion syndrome, and megaesophagus. Eye disease is rarely seen, but it can be present in some lines of American White Shepherds. The breed can also suffer from bloat, allergies, skin and coat problems, or missing teeth. Some lines have autoimmune diseases like Lupus. All of the aforementioned health issues are rare. American White Shepherds have an average life span of 12 years.

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The American White Shepherd originated from the German Shepherd Dog in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Since its appearance in North America, the American White Shepherd has not been mixed with any other dog breeds. Their white color is a result of their genetic makeup. This breed is independently registered with the AWSA (American White Shepherd Association) in the United States of America.

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American White Shepherds have a coat that is easy to groom and care for. Regular brushing and combing on a daily basis will assist the shedding process. American White Shepherds are heavy shedders. This breeds ears and claws should be checked regularly, and their nails should be kept trimmed.

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Ideal Environment

American White Shepherds can live in a small household or apartment if they are exercised sufficiently. This breed requires some form of daily exercise. American White Shepherds are highly intelligent, so some variety in their exercise routine is ideal. This breed is relatively inactive indoors, and they are happiest with a large yard and plenty of space.

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American White Shepherd Q&A

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Can a white sheperd have a black and tan pup, and vice/versa? I have a mixed puppy whose dad was a white sheperd/malamute the mother was a lab. he is black and silvery tan. Im wondering wich breed he takes after?

I'm not an expert, but according to the information at the top of this page, a black and tan puppy would not officially be considered an American White Shepard, since their white color is one of only two characteristics that differentiate the breed from the German Shepard Dog.


I just got a 5 month old white shepherd, but she is extremely shy around everyone. I want to socialize her, but everytime she gets near other people or animals, she is terribly afraid. I walk her on a daily basis, but am hesitant to take her to a dog park. Do you have any suggestions?

Absolutely continue with the walks...bring treats with you so that when someone wants to pet her, you can offer a juicy treat to entice her to go up to them. Every experience needs to be a good one. If you pet and "comfort" her when she is shying away, she will view this as an appropriate behavior. If you walk confidently up to someone and shake hands and assume (truly believe) your dog will be right there with you, then she will be fine. Most problems dogs have are because of physical and emotional cues they get from there pet parents.


I just bought a 4 month old white shepard and i was wondering why her ears are floppy and also she has a tint of brown going down her spine and some brown on the edges of her ears, i dont know if that is normal or not?

Yes, this is normal. German Shepherds and White Shepherds ears will go up and down while they are teething. If they are not up by probably 5 months, you might look into taping the ears.


i have just got a 1 and a half year old white shepherd but she is always very frightened. I have other dogs and children and she is terrified. sometimes to the point she can get a little snappy. she just hides away in the corner of the room avoiding everyone. Im so worried that i will not be able to keep her due to her tempramental ways. is there any way of getting her to come out of her shell? I do not know the breed well but i have heard that white shepherds can be timid and sometimes dangerous due to the timidness? i am hoping this is not the case with beautiful clio but i just dont know what to do. please anyone who can help me please do as i do not have the slightest clue about this breed.

Try setting up a cargo style crate (largest size you can buy, not the cage style). Make that her safe place. Our white shepherd retreats to his crate when startled by lighting or storms or when he just wants to have some alone time. We accept that he will go to his crate many times each day. We were told that they are den animails. I would also suggest a home visit by a trainer, someone who follows Ceasar's approach..


I have a 2 month white shepherd, how much dog food you give them? The doctor suggested 1 1/2 cup of eukanuba puppy 3x a day but he only finishes 3/4 cup. He potties regularly and it looks ok. thanx!

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