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(Appenzeller Sennenhund, Appenzeller, Appenzell Cattle Dog) The Appenzell Mountain Dog is a working dog and has a muscular, hardy build. The breed is well-built, athletic, and straight-limbed. Their heads are broad, flat and feature a tapered muzzle. Their noses are black and their small eyes are dark in color. Appenzell Mountain Dogs have pendant ears and a rolling tail that is carried over the back. The breed has a thick double coat that is glossy and varies in color. Typically, the coat is black or brown with white and rust-colored markings.

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Appenzell Mountain Dogs are intelligent and lively. They are brave and enjoy working or having a task to do. Although Appenzell Mountain Dogs are leery of strangers, they usually get along well with other dogs and animals. They are extremely protective and social with their families and owners. The breed is very loyal to their family, but they tend to form a close bond with one person. Appenzell Mountain Dogs respond well to obedience training, and they need plenty of socialization at a young age. This breed loves to bark.

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18 – 23 inches
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49 – 70 pounds
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General Health

Appenzell Mountain Dogs are a comparatively healthy breed. They typically live for 12 to 13 years.

Known life expectancy per Swiss Appenzell Club Informational literature is 13-17 years. This breed has no inherent heath issues due to its extremely careful, and controlled breeding around the globe. Breedings must first be approved by an international breeding registry in Belgium managed by Albertine Peutz.

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There are typically two theories regarding the origination of the Appenzell Mountain Dog. Some believe that Appenzell Mountain Dogs are a native breed dating back to the Bronze Age, while others think Appanzell Mountain Dogs were brought into Switzerland by the Romans and are direct descendants of the Molossus. No matter its place or time of origination, the Appenzell Mountain Dog is one of the four Swiss Sennenhunds. Out of the four, the Appenzell Mountain Dog is the rarest. Typically used as a working dog, this breed has a number of natural talents including herding, cart-pulling, and guarding.

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Appenzell Mountain Dogs have a straight-haired double coat that is easy to groom and take care of. Removing dead hairs from this breed’s coat every once in a while is sufficient.

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Ideal Environment

Appenzell Mountain Dogs need a rural, open setting. This breed will not do well in a city or in the suburbs. Appenzell Mountain Dogs do best on a farm where they can get sufficient amounts of exercise on their own and form a bond with their territory. Because of the Appenzel Mountain Dog’s herding instincts, he will never run off.

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