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My 2 year old male ACD has a very dominant personality. This behaviour started with barking at strangers and very slow acceptance of our male friends. Recently he has bitten the trouser legs of 2 chance met strangers. I feel he has not accepted me as 'pack leader' and his behaviour is protective. He is great with us and deals with our 4 year old son with no problems. He fits the characteristic working stock personality even though he is a chocolate brown X and 27 kilos. I am concerned that this behaviour will escalate. He is great with other dogs. I am unable to run him as he needs nor do agility with him because of my health. Any suggestions, observations, or advice?

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My first question is - is your boy neutered? If not, this should be done ASAP. Also, if you are able, an obedience class would give you the skills to establish yourself as pack leader. It would also be a good opportunity for socialization.

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