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We have recently accepted a blue heeler puppy who has been badly abused by his previous owner, we are a little unsure as to how to commence training him so that he doesn't feel threatend by a firm voice. He has a very sweet nature and loves children and females but is very timid around males. Is anyone able to offer any suggestions? Thank you, any advice would be appreciated....Carol

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Keep what happened in the past in the past and be calm but firm when giving direction to him. If he is timid around a male human conduct the training with your male friend watching quietly. Encourage your new ADC to do what is expected of him. If you treat him like a rescue dog he will sense that and stay that way. When training him think of how you want him to be and continue to have your male friend get slowly envoled in the training process.

carol, An abused dog takes time to work with . Start with finding a trainer that does hands free training by this I mean someone who trains with treets not with physical domination Socialize your dog with other people and dogs but let the dog go up to the people do not force the dog to go to a stranger this may take months to do but give it time cattle dogs are very smart and he will begin to trust people again use soft vocal correction and move slowly around the dog so not to scare him give him give lots of affection but let him know your the pack leader and he is the follower this will take alot of stress off the dog also take him for walks and spend time playing with him cattle dogs need somthing to do or they will make up something to do and that may not be something you will like I hope this will help you to get on the right track with your dog visit your local pet store for locating a trainer for you and your dog good luck. Tim

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