Photo I'm writing for my brother who adopted an approximately 2-year-old male cattle dog from a shelter in

I have owned 5 cattle dogs over the years - I currently have 3 - and sometimes they can be quirky. Your brother's dog may have been dragged roughly or fallen from the back of a truck and had the leas

Photo Hi, I am very interested in getting an ACD. I also have a passion for hunting, duck hunting to be sp

An ACD dog would actually not be a good gun dog at all. It has herding instincts, as outlined in the breed specs, and I can say from personal experiance that ACD's will kill the bird and eat it before

Photo My 2 year old male ACD has a very dominant personality. This behaviour started with barking at stran

My first question is - is your boy neutered? If not, this should be done ASAP. Also, if you are able, an obedience class would give you the skills to establish yourself as pack leader. It would also b

Photo We have recently accepted a blue heeler puppy who has been badly abused by his previous owner, we ar

carol, An abused dog takes time to work with . Start with finding a trainer that does hands free training by this I mean someone who trains with treets not with physical domination Socialize your dog

Photo Hi, me and my partener have had our red speckle Australian cattle dog for about a month, she is 5 mo

Hello, I'm mom to a female red speckle ACD named Sadie. We have had Sadie since she was 16 weeks old and she'll be two in August. My thinking is your having issues because you are nervous not because

Photo hi, i was wondering, do the cattle dogs get too protective over their pups?
Photo We live in Ind it gets hot, so we cut her hair and it not growing back out ,why. It has come in pla

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