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hi, i was wondering, do the cattle dogs get too protective over their pups?

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Our Lady is an awesome girl & loves people so much! However, she became very protective over her babies towards strangers. She even started herding our 4 year old away from her room. She never bit him but would nip him. She did not enjoy company during her early mothering days. I will say it gets better as puppies grow. She goes with me everywhere but refused to go to far away from pups or front door of our house. I also notice she spent alot of time teaching them, playing with them and loving them. I was lucky to have her come into my life. I assure you that your girl will be ok.

My dog Sami recently had puppies. She has always been tolerant of people, but after she had the puppies she became very protective. I have a two year old that she herds out away from the puppies. As the puppies have gotten older she has gotten a lot better. She is her old self now when she is away from the house and the puppies.

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