Photo Our Australian Shepherd is 14 months old. We cannot get our 3 year old cat to even come in the house

I`m not sure if there is a fix for this. My mother hasn`t seen her cat much since she got an inside dog and she`s tried a lot of things. From my own personal experiences, I`ve found cats do well if

Photo I just adopted an Australian Shepherd that is 8 years old and has been in a rescue agency since his

You should be able to retrain him in a month or so. The key is patience and repetition. Every SINGLE time he poops in the house, calmly take him to it, put his nose very close and tell him “no”

Photo I have a 2 1/2 yr female and she has had submissive peeing since I got her. I have two older brother

the peeing is a sign of a submissive dog and yes there is a way of combatting it. this form of submission can be won over with slow but friendly advances of your older brothers or any male figure for

Photo My male Aussie is 2yrs old and His ears stand straight up like a german shepherds. Of all the pics i

Those are called "prick" ears and are rare, but possible, in Australian Shepherds. They develop within the first year or two depending on the conditions that the puppy grows up in. Hot weather = prick

Photo i have a 7month old male. He weighed 40lbs approx 3 weeks ago. is this a normal weight for his age?

Not sure, but I have a 6 1/2 month old aussie male that weighed 46lbs 8 oz 3 weeks ago - I do believe that yours and mine are at the TOP end of the weight scale ... mine's not at all fat, though, he's

Photo my 4 month old australian shepherd is 31lbs and is 19" tall.could he be mixed with another breed?or

That does seem to be awfully tall for a four month old, but if you will go to the following link you can find out all you need to know about an Australian Shepherd.

Photo I have a 6 year old black tri australian shepherd is that to old to start breeding it to have puppie

A color that most commonly has Aussies have ear problems is Red merle. It looks kind of orangish. But that's all I know.

Photo i have a 13 week old australlian shepard i live in WA now and im moving to MS will he be able to adj

I have an almost 8 yr. old male australian shepherd and I live in southeast texas where the temp. in the summer time gets 102 heat index. However my dog stays in the house and gets walked twice a day

Photo what is the normal litter size for a (miniature) australian shepherd?

The average litter size of the litter of an Australian shepherd is about 7. Hope this helps :) -Sreemoyee

Photo We have an australian shepherd that is four now. Her instinct to protect the family and herd strang

Aussies have a tendency to herd anything that moves to include people outside their master(s). For the Most part it is normal so long as it is not agressive behavior as in the dog is being what one w

Photo I have an aussie that is nearing 7 months standing about 19" tall and weighing aprox 35 lbs. i

Avg Size of male: Height: 20-23 Weight: 50-65 Avg Size of Female: Height: 18-21 Weight: 40-55 Hope this helps :) -Sreemo

Photo We rescued a female shepherd about 2 months ago from the local shelter. She wasn't in very good phys

If she cannot walk properly, then, it is a matter.But if her legs shake only when she squats to pee, then it isn't any problem. The average weight of female Australian shepherds are 40-55. So, your do

Photo I adopted a now 2 year old Aussie(?) from the local shelter. His body looks Aussie- right down to th

Yes, Aussies can come in this color.It may be a red merle Aussie, though I don't know what your Aussie looks like. I have an aussie/German Shepherd mix who is "Best friends" with my friend f

Photo My Australian shepherd is 4 months old and I don't know how to get his energy out. He gets 4-5 long

best suggestion; take him/her to mans best friend.

Photo I just adopted a female austrailian shepherd from the county pound we believe she is three months ol

No! Aussies should be very alert. Are you sure he is getting enough protien to eat? He may have worms if he hasn't been wormed with the right wormer. OR he may not be purebred. Alot of breeders hav

Photo Do Australian shepherd come in just about solid black with a little white?


Photo I have a 5 month australian sheperd pup and her ears are very erect will they stay this way ? I noti

If you got your dog from a breeder, you should be able to contact that person for help with this. If not and you're sure this is a purebred Aussie, you may need o "train" the ears to stay d

Photo I adopted a young pup from a shelter (they said he was about four months) and they told me he was an

Since you got him from a shelter it likely that he is not purebred. But the aussie traits may still dominate. We have an Aussie/McNabb cross and he has turned out to be the best dog we have ever owne

Photo My australian shepherd is 4 yrs old, we gave her a rawhide chew and it made her very sick, we,ve had

Hi, I too have an Aussie that had the same situation, a couple years back. The only way I got him to eat, is can dog food, and our food mixed with some dry.He also had chews alot , in his puppyhood. H

Photo My Aussie is 12 yrs old and has been sporadically pacing and panting, whining at me and acting anxio

This could be a sign of a weakening heart. My dog recently passed away due to heart failure due to my failure to notice any slight signs of uneasiness and take action. Best wishes for you and your pet

Photo My Aussie had no dog odor throughout his 14.5 year lifespan. He had a beautiful wavy coat, I've not

My 8 month old Aussie does not have any odor.

Photo are these good dogs for families?

Our Aussie is great with our two young boys. If they get rough he stays in play mode. May nip lightly at times but ussually when they are wrestling with him. Their friends come in the house and he lea

Photo How long do the females stay in heat? And how long does it take to find out if they are pregnant or

pregnancy is about 63 days. a dog can be in heat for a month or so and you will notice your dog to be pregnant by the way she reacts to you, if she gets picky with her food, starts having unusual beha

Photo Do australian sheperd puppies ears stand straight up?

My puppies ears didn't stand straight up.

Photo I have an Astralian shepherd puppy thats 14 weeks old and I was wondering if aussies lose energy the

Australian Shepherds are a very high energy breed and require alot of excersize as well as mental stimulation. If they have a "job" to do and are excersized on a daily basis, they seem to le

Photo We have just adopted a 14 month old Aussie who is absolutely wonderful. My husband and I have 3 chil

That's too bad, but I wouldn't worry tons. Try having your husband kneel and feed the dog treats himself as he gently pets your Aussie. Then move slowly to him standing, still petting and praising you

Photo We have a 9 yr old female Aussie and we are think about getting another, but were wondering how 2- f

I have 3 females (spayed) and they get along great. We actually got the second one so that the first one would have a playmate and the third was a rescue. I think with these type of dogs they are mo

Photo We have a 6 month old female Mini Aussie and she barks whenever anyone besides our family comes into
Photo I have 2 Mini/Toy wonderful Australian Sheperds and they only seem to eat when I am around. If I ne

I think this is normal for a lot of dogs. I have 3 aussies now. My wife is home all day but they will not eat until I come home from work. I had 2 shepherd/retrievers in the past and they did the s

Photo I am considering purchasing a particular blue merle Aussie puppy that is about 6 weeks old. This pup

Simple answer. Have him neutered and enjoy him for the wonderful creature he is.

Photo My family has a small Shih Tzu female (spayed). And we are considering geting an Aussie puppy. But w

There is no rational thinking behind the male-female thing if the dogs are neutered/spayed. It has nothing to do with their compability as housemates.

Photo My australian shepherd female just had a litter of pups. She is a blue merle and the father is a bl

just wait for them to grow up a bit. its okay if theyre just grey when born. the spots will come in as they grow.

Photo Can someone tell me where to see a picture of what a austrialian sheperd half fiest and half hound l

What is a "fiest"? and how is this an Australian Shepherd??

Photo I am a small hobby breeder and a owner of Aussies for 13yrs and I recently purchased a female pup wh

I am surprised that as a breeder, you don't know this. Yes, the "prick ear" can be passed on, and no, it is not acceptable in Aussies. However, some breeders still breed this type, with th

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