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(Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog) Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs have compact, stout bodies that are well-muscled and properly proportioned. They have deep, muscular chests with well-sprung ribs and straight forelegs. Their hind legs are wide, brawny, and powerful and they are straight from the hocks the feet when perceived from the back. The breed has a level back that slopes at the rump. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs have a head that is balanced with the rest of their body and a tapered muzzle with a black nose. Their medium-sized eyes are oval in shape and their wide-set ears are broad at the base and taper to a point. Their teeth meet in a level or scissor bite. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs have a medium to short coat that is thick and harsh in texture. Coat colors include red speckled and blue speckled. There may or may not be darker markings around the facial area.

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Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs are spirited, energetic, and watchful and they are very alert and in tune with their surroundings. They are courageous and dutiful, and they are loyal to their families. This breed needs attention and thrives when it has a job to do. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs have great work ethic and a natural ability to control cattle. They are attentive to the commands of their owners and love to work. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs need to be in the action, and they will become bored and destructive if improperly exercised. This breed might be too energetic to be a good family household pet. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs do very well in the obedience ring. When given proper, firm training and consistent attention, this breed makes a good-natured and fine pet. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs are suspicious of strangers including children they don’t know very well.

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17 – 20 inches
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35 – 50 pounds
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General Health

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Originally from Australia, the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is a descendant of the Dingo and a long, dense-coated, black-and-white, bob-tailed dog. The breed was recognized in 1988 by the Australian National Kennel Club.

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Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs have a short, weather-resistant coat that needs little maintenance and is easy to groom. Combing and brushing with a firm bristle brush are sufficient methods of assisting the shedding process. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs shed their coats once to twice per year depending on their gender and the region they live in. This breed should be bathed only as necessary.

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Ideal Environment

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs need plenty of exercise and are happiest when they have a job to do. They are a breed with lots of energy and incredible stamina, and they can become bored and destructive without proper exercise. They aren’t suitable for an apartment or a small household, and they do best with at least a large yard.

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My ASTCD cannot go to the dog park anymore because he wants to pick fights with the other dogs for no reason. He gets real snappy and the other dogs react accordingly. Any one else have this problem? any answers?

Mine is the same way! When he acts this way I put his leash on and firmly control him. This is a smart breed. He then behaves, for the most part. He may need a little command, but has make huge improvements when I started doing this.


We got our dog from a neighbor that wasn't sure if his tail was docked or he was born this way. He has no tail at all, it's flush with his body. Do stumpies come this way?

Some Stumpies are born stumpy-tail, some are born'rumpy-tailed', and some are born with tails. We have 1 stumpy-tail and 2 rumpy-tail ASTCDs. When we had our first litter we had 3 tailed puppies and 5 born either Stumpy or rumpy tailed.


We got our dog from the Humane Society. There was history from when he was 6 weeks old & adopted from a newspaper ad for blue heelers. He looks more like a Stumpy Tail than and ACD and pretty much fits the description of a Stumpy Tail, except that his ears are do not point. Is he possibly a Stumpy Tail with "flying nun" ears? Also, how likely would it be to find a Stumpy Tail in Seattle, WA? Thanks!

I'm a breeder in Oregon. Not too far from WA. I'm listed on this site if you're interested in learning more about the breed and seeing purebred Stumpies.

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