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We got our dog from the Humane Society. There was history from when he was 6 weeks old & adopted from a newspaper ad for blue heelers. He looks more like a Stumpy Tail than and ACD and pretty much fits the description of a Stumpy Tail, except that his ears are do not point. Is he possibly a Stumpy Tail with "flying nun" ears? Also, how likely would it be to find a Stumpy Tail in Seattle, WA? Thanks!

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I'm a breeder in Oregon. Not too far from WA. I'm listed on this site if you're interested in learning more about the breed and seeing purebred Stumpies.

I'm not certain, but i've seen quite a few dogs that looked just like these and were all called blue heelers and a couple with a reddish color called red heelers, maybe it's another name for the same breed?

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