Photo i adopted a dog from the pound and i have been told that she is a basenji but i dont think she is fu

Wait until she is a year old. Then the tail will be curled. ALL Basenjis must have a curled tail or otherwise they are disqualified from the show ring.

Photo I have a 2 year old basenji.....I find it hard to get him to play with me and toys .....can you give

They like to chase things. I used a rag when mine was young and graduated to those toys that are shaped liked snakes and have a rattle in them. You hold it up in the air and twirl around with it or ru

Photo I want to get a basenji but I need to know if they are easily housebroken?

I have a basenji mix, but his temperament is mostly basenji and he has outsmarted me more times than I can count. As a pup, he chewed everything in sight and did a lot of damage to the house. He pot

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