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i adopted a dog from the pound and i have been told that she is a basenji but i dont think she is full blooded. she doesnt bark except for one time and it was a short shrill bark. her face and ears are exactly like the basenji pics but her tail is not curled. she is 4 1/2 months old. she has a worried wrinkled face and shredds paper toliet paper, but is a real sweet and loving dog. and sometimes i think she is a cat. i am having some difficulty in housebraking her, i am gonna crate her and hope that works, but too make a long story short, do all basenjis have curled tails, are they curled at birth or when they grow? thanks. lisa

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Wait until she is a year old. Then the tail will be curled. ALL Basenjis must have a curled tail or otherwise they are disqualified from the show ring.

My basenji pup's tail did not curl until he was approximately 6 months old.

Her vocal cords may not be fully developed yet.

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