Photo I have a 1 year old bassett hound. We keep her in a crate will we are at work and at night. She stil

Some dogs can be fairly hard to potty train. Dogs learn from repetition…. When potty training my dogs, I stick their nose close to the urine, say no a few times in a strong voice and then immediate

Photo I have A six month old BassetI live in a second floor Apt the breeder that I bought the pup never to

The Vet I speak with regarding my 2 month old bassett says stairs are fine. As they get older and heavier it may be a problem but untill your bassett is starting to slow down, don't worry about it.

Photo I have an 8 month old basset hound, and im not sure if he is done growing. He is prob. like 50 lbs n

well with this breed there gonna grow as long as there fed any amount of people food. but with a regular diet of DOG food, 3 years old. but dont be suprized if the dog wieghs up to 80 lbs , more if

Photo can a 8 year old dog have puppies safely?

Yes, but during pregnancy it will need much more love and attention and when in labour, don't worry if you hear some alarming sounds. It will be normal for a dog that age to be in distress.

Photo how old does a bassett hound be be fore i breed her?

After making sure that your dogs, health, emperment, and comfirmation are suitable for breeding, you should wait until the second heat at least. Check with your vet, because all dogs are different ju

Photo i have an 8 month old bassett and she has always had loose stools. is this common for all bassetts o

I think that you need to look at the diet - are you feeding anything that can possibly upset the tummy ? I have also tried GASTROPECT for dogs in the passed and it has always assisted. I think if th

Photo My basset Hound is 11 weeks old, he sleeps in his crate at night. He still does not sleep through t

I was having the same problem with my new puppy. I was told to stop feeding and watering her after about 8:00 P.M. and she should start sleeping through the night. I did this and it has worked so far

Photo My basset female is 13 months old when will she go into her second heat?

Usually about 6 months after the first heat.

Photo I have a 4yr old female Basset Hound that I am keeping for my son till he gets back from Iraq I have

Most likely any time now! May or June, good luck! Then PLEASE get her spayed!

Photo Hi Basset buddies, My inexperience is showing here but my female Basset, Rosie, who's just over one
Photo Do basset Hounds drool?

We have had 5 bassets over the past 20 years, 4 females and 1 male. 4 of these drooled very little,about the same as any other dog, however one would drool considerably when she was eating or smelled

Photo How can I teach my basset to leave the garbage can alone?

There are bitter apple and other scent/taste sprays that will help ward your dog away.

Photo I have 2 female basset hounds. One of them is a year old, and only at night, we still have problems

You should try removing the water bowl during the night, that way her bladder won't get filled up until morning. There is also the possibility that she's got some sort of bladder issue. If the water b

Photo I have been crate potty training my 11 week old basset for 3 weeks now. I know that she doesn't have

My 20-week-old basset still has accidents now and again. Your issue is exactly the same as mine was at the age she is. Bastian peed outside when i would say "go potty," but always seemed t

Photo My 8 month old Basset Hound is extremely hyperactive and likes to bark and jump especially in the ev

bassets are hunting dogs and tend to be hyper as pups so try giveing her a job and an goal for the day like teaching her a new trick or walking around with a back pack with lite weights to burn some e

Photo I have a one year old basset hound and I just got him yesterday and the people said he was house bro

your hound might be having problems listening to you there very stubborn dogs. you need to make go outside fun for him like put a bell on the dog then give him a treat and let him out. or pet him. als

Photo What are some common basset hound health problems?
Photo i have a basset hound thats about a year and a half old she is very smart but shes starting to be ag
Photo I have Bessie and Beau Jack that have been together since they were pups in the spring of 04. We als
Photo What is average lifespan of bassett?
Photo I have a puppy that has bassett in it. I am not sure what else it has but I know it isn't a pure br

Sounds like a bagle hound. That is a beagle/basset mix. They are a little more lively than a pure basset and tend to bark more. They have a great temperament and love to be loved. They usually do

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