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i have an 8 month old bassett and she has always had loose stools. is this common for all bassetts or will it firm up as she gets older?

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I think that you need to look at the diet - are you feeding anything that can possibly upset the tummy ? I have also tried GASTROPECT for dogs in the passed and it has always assisted. I think if there is no illness, you need to get the good bugs introduced back into the tummy and remove all the bad bugs. It could also be parasites / worms etc. Have you taken the dog to the Vet?

When I first adopted my Basset (she was 6 months old) she had runny stools. Her foster family fed her grocery store dog food. I had my older dogs on a premium food and so I began mixing the bargain food with the good food 50/50. I gradually decreased the amount of bargain food until he was eating only the good stuff. This took care of the problem. However, I wouldn't rule out other causes just yet. It's possible that a parasite is to blame and it could having nothing to do with the diet at all. Since I knew our pup had just been treated for worms, I knew it had to be his diet.

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