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(English Beagle) The Beagle is a comparatively small hound with a square-shaped, sturdy build. They have broad, slightly domed skulls and a straight, square muzzle. Their noses have full nostrils and their eyes are brown or hazel in color. Many people say the Beagle is reminiscent of a small English Foxhound. Beagles have long, wide, pendant-shaped ears and round, strong feet. Their tails are carried freely and gaily. Beagles have a glossy, short-haired coat that exists in a variety of hound colors including tri-color, black and tan, red and white, lemon and white, or orange and white.

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Beagles are very small and they are good with children. They are very active and energetic. They love to play outside and go for walks. They love interaction with family members. Some may not do well with small pets like rabbits or other furry animals since they are bred to hunt these types of animals. Proper socialization can correct this behavior. Some Beagles are known to howl. The beagle is also believed to be the smallest hound.

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Beagles make excellent pets because of their sweet disposition and kind, loving nature. They are very social and warm towards everyone, and they have a very cheerful demeanor. This breed is great with children and rarely aggressive towards other dogs. They shouldn’t be left unattended with other pets unless they are socialized with them from a very young age. Because Beagles are determined and have a mind of their own, so they need firm, patient training and shouldn’t be left alone. If owners of this breed are gone for extended periods of time, it’s a good idea to have more than one Beagle. This way, the dogs can keep each other company and not become lonely. Beagles have a loud, baying cry that can bother neighbors and they will follow interesting scents without warning.

Beagles are also very energetic, so you will require long walks if a large yard isn't available. If a Beagle smells an interesting scent they will follow it and never stop until they find it. They often get lost. They are really good at escaping so it is important to always keep them on a leash even when out back. They may start to climb or dig if they are left outside without mental stimulation or family attention. They are prefer to be indoor/outdoor dogs and enjoy sleeping inside with the family at night. For the first year or two they are extremely vulnerable of wandering away while tracking a loose scent. It's a good idea to keep your yard dog proofed to limit escapes.

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13 – 16 inches
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20 – 25 pounds
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General Health

Certain lines of Beagles are prone to heart disease, eye problems, back problems, and epilepsy. The breed is susceptible to chondroplasia (dwarfism) that causes the front legs to become warped. Typically, Beagles live for 12 to 15 years. They average 7 puppies per litter.

Most live 12 to 17 years on average. Obesity may become a problem if they are over fed. It's important not to feed this breed table scraps. High quality dog food is recommended that is carefully measured out. This breed loves to eat and it's not advised to free feed this breed.

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The Beagle is one of the most popular scent hounds. They are known for their outstanding personality and playful energy. It’s believed the Beagle originated as a cross between the Harrier and other hounds in England. Beagles are utilized in packs, alone, and in duos for hunting purposes. They have also served as narcotics detection dogs. Because of this breed’s uniform size, Beagles are often used for medical testing and experimentation.

They were formerly used as hunting dogs in some areas of England.

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Beagles have a smooth, short-haired coat that is easy to groom and maintain. This breed’s coat should be brushed with a firm bristle brush and washed with mild soap as necessary. Ears of this breed should be checked regularly and nails should be kept clipped. Beagles are average shedders.

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Ideal Environment

Beagles are full of stamina and energy, but they will be content in a small household or apartment if properly exercised. They are very active indoors and are happy with a small yard. As long as this breed is given the chance to play outside on a regular basis, they can thrive in a number of living situations.

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my beagle is 10 months old and continues to not come to me when i call her. she chooses when she wants to come i have worked months on this and it seems like it's hit or miss we have good days and we have bad ones. it's really upsetting when she delibretly runs from me.

Since Beagles are high energy dogs, she might not be getting enough exercise and feels the need to run to burn some of that energy. Getting her to listen to you might not be as hard as you think. It just takes a little time and a lot repetition. When training my dogs to listen there are a few steps I follow. First, I make sure they get plenty of exercise. I find that by taking them on a couple of 20-30 minute leash walks a day generally helps to burn energy and it's the perfect time to work on commands. While walking them, I give them about 1 foot of leash and I randomly practice several commands during the walk. (Sit, Stay, Heel, Come) I make sure they walk directly next to me and I don't let them pay attention to anything but me. This helps build their dependency on me and it makes helps them get used to listening. Second, when we are in the house, I practice the same commands randomly throughout the day and reward with treats. I like to use a command called 'Kennel.' I don't so much use a kennel, but I designate a spot for the dogs and tell them that's their 'kennel'. Randomly through the day or when we are eating, I tell them 'Kennel' and point to their designated area. Once they get the idea, you can literally point to anything and say 'Kennel' and they will go to it sit and stay. The main idea of all this is to get your dog trained to listening to you and remain in the dominate position. When practicing the commands, tell them don't ask. It might seem kind of mean, but it's very important that they see you as the dominate figure.


My beagle will not stay in the yard

he/she just needs exercise try to introduce him to the yard show him around get him comfortable in the yard


I have a beagle and just recently she mated with one of my other male dogs. I would like to know, how soon will she get pregnant and how will we know that she is carrying?

Her gestation period is 2 months and you need to see a vet asap to see how many she is carrying.


We had our male beagle 'fixed' about a year ago. We now have 2 female dogs are are also 'fixed'. The male has started humping both dogs and we were wondering do beagles do this even though they can not mate? It drives me crazy watching him harress the other 2 dogs. thanks for any information you can give me.

The humping action can happen even when dogs are "fixed." This is nothing more than a dominance action. Your male is proving that he is still the boss. This is something that needs to be corrected. You are the lead dog in the house, not your male. Even if your dog is older he can still learn who is the boss. Talk to a certified dog trainer about ways to deal with this issue. Or email me at I am also a trainer.


do beagles keep warm in the cold

yes they do verry well


My beagle likes to eat and play with his poop. Recently, since they're frozen, he's been bringing them in the house. Is this normal? How do I stop it?

It is not good to eat poop. Discourage this behavior. It is called Coprophasia. It indicates a lack of nutrition. They will eat what they feel will give them the most nutrients. There is a treatment called DETER. But cleaning up the poop as soon as it's dropped is a better solution. Also make sure he is on the right store food doesn't have the right nutrients. Go for the more expensive food and he will eat less and poop less plus he won't feel the need to eat it. Feel free to email me with other questions. I am an accredited trainer.


Since beagles were bred for hunting, can they live outside?

Of course, they don't all kill things unless trained.


why do beagle ears have slits in them?

"In medical terminology, the slit on a dog's ear is called the "cutaneous marginal pouch." In everyday English, this translates to "a small pouch of the skin."The cutaneous marginal pouch is located on the outside portion of a dog's ear, farthest away from the body. It is located between the conch and scaphal of the ear. The slit on a dog's ear serves no known purpose, according to the book "Canine Anatomy." "


My Beagle is 13 years old and here recently she has been loosing large amounts of hair and I can't seem to get a handle on it. What could be causing this?

as we all know dogs shed.If its in a large amount then your beagle must have eaten something that caused it this problem.Sometimes, dogs consume oily food and start shedding in a very huge amount.Do not worry.I had a beagle too and it consumed "GHEE", an oily liquid which is very delicious but dangerous to dogs.But i gave her digestive medicine and she is 9 years old now and happy.ANd your dog will be okay too. Hope this helps :) -Sreemoyee


My beagle puppy is 9 weeks old and has dry flakey skin that he is always itching. How can I stop this itchiness for him?

What type of food do you feed? You may need to buy a better quality food such as, canidae.

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