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Hello, We're thinking of buying a beagle but before, we'd like to know if beagles can safely stay all day indoors and alone whilst we're out at work. Many thanks for your reply. Vicky

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It mainly just depends on whoch dog you get. I have a beagle bulldogmix and she can stay aat home just fine. We have left her for many hours at a time. Sometomes we do pit her in her kennel, and she actually likes it. Most beagles should be well behaved enough to be tristed. Hope I helped! -Natalie

Thank you Natalie. You certainly did help! My son is now the proud young owner of a 6 -month old beagle who's absolutely adorable, a real bundle of energy! In fact, spends the whole time chewing on absolutely anything he can get his teeth into! Are there any solutions to this or is it just because he is still so young?

I have had my 100% pure Beagle Clyde since weaning he is now 7 years old. The first 2 years we had a LOT of issues with chewing, he ate shoes, books, flower bulbs, paper, and a hearing aid...( My niece who was 6 was playing with him and left it out on the coffee table during a Christmas Party) After he matured he became perfect. He will come and get your shoe to show it to you, but never chews anything up. As a matter of fact he will bring me trash he finds on the floor. I can leave him in the house all day, (6 hours) with no problems. I can't imagine my life without Clyde, and when I decided to get him a playmate I found a rescue Jack-A-Bee Bonney and have had to go thru the WHOLE chewing thing again... but they love love love each other, running around in tandem. The Beagle is a pack animal so I highly suggest getting him a dog to add to your human "Pack" he is part of!!

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