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My beagle likes to eat and play with his poop. Recently, since they're frozen, he's been bringing them in the house. Is this normal? How do I stop it?

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It is not good to eat poop. Discourage this behavior. It is called Coprophasia. It indicates a lack of nutrition. They will eat what they feel will give them the most nutrients. There is a treatment called DETER. But cleaning up the poop as soon as it's dropped is a better solution. Also make sure he is on the right store food doesn't have the right nutrients. Go for the more expensive food and he will eat less and poop less plus he won't feel the need to eat it. Feel free to email me with other questions. I am an accredited trainer.

My beagle of 7 years ate all the cat poop out of my Mother-in-laws litter box one year when we visited. I was appaled... I did a lot of reading after that, and found that many dogs may do this and beagles are a breed that has been known to do so more often. Dogs need toys to play with, and mine prefer the 15 or so they have around the house and yard at any given time over playing with poop, so that may help some. Also regular poopy scooping is mandatory. Making sure they have good dog food, that gives them all the nutirents they need should help too. Making a huge deal about poop also will send the message that you are excited about the poop... SO LETS DO MORE STUFF WITH POOP!!! I tried to find the DETER product and all I found was a product you spray where you don't want the dog to go. Cesar Millan suggest sprinkeling hot sause on poop, to rid them of the desire... and he says that it will not hurt your stinky breath baby!!

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