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my beagle is 10 months old and continues to not come to me when i call her. she chooses when she wants to come i have worked months on this and it seems like it's hit or miss we have good days and we have bad ones. it's really upsetting when she delibretly runs from me.

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Since Beagles are high energy dogs, she might not be getting enough exercise and feels the need to run to burn some of that energy. Getting her to listen to you might not be as hard as you think. It just takes a little time and a lot repetition. When training my dogs to listen there are a few steps I follow. First, I make sure they get plenty of exercise. I find that by taking them on a couple of 20-30 minute leash walks a day generally helps to burn energy and it's the perfect time to work on commands. While walking them, I give them about 1 foot of leash and I randomly practice several commands during the walk. (Sit, Stay, Heel, Come) I make sure they walk directly next to me and I don't let them pay attention to anything but me. This helps build their dependency on me and it makes helps them get used to listening. Second, when we are in the house, I practice the same commands randomly throughout the day and reward with treats. I like to use a command called 'Kennel.' I don't so much use a kennel, but I designate a spot for the dogs and tell them that's their 'kennel'. Randomly through the day or when we are eating, I tell them 'Kennel' and point to their designated area. Once they get the idea, you can literally point to anything and say 'Kennel' and they will go to it sit and stay. The main idea of all this is to get your dog trained to listening to you and remain in the dominate position. When practicing the commands, tell them don't ask. It might seem kind of mean, but it's very important that they see you as the dominate figure.

just be patient, that is a key factor of life. He will learn eventaully his name, every dog is different and if you want to train your dog than you learn to be patient!! Teaching the name is a trick for the dog, it can be difficult!!!

Note:This is not from me, I got this from "It's Me or The Dog" a dog training show starring Victoria Stilwell. She said to put a leash on your dog, get treats and a whistle. First get your dog to pay attention to you (While the dog is still on the leash). Then blow the whistle and give your dog a little piece of the treat. Keep doing this until you dog finally understands the whistle means "Come back for your treat." Then take off the leash and when you wand him/her to come back, blow the whistle. It should come back. If not,you need to keep training. If it does come back give it the treat. Keep training this even if your dog knows this already, so he/she wont forget. Good Luck!

they love to eat so, get them to come by saying "Biscuit" and give them a small treat. It gets their attention and they will come every time. Hold a treat up to your forehead and say "watch me" get their attention ... then give command. The key to beagles is getting their attention. Once you do, they will obey very well. Just make treats very small so you won't over feed them. The "watch me" worked very well for me and my 2 beagles. It gets them to look at your eyes..

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