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(Belgian Shepherd Laekenois, Chien de Berger Belge) The Belgian Laekenois is one of the four types of Belgian Sheepdogs. The breed’s wiry coat gives the Belgian Laekenois a distinctive and unique appearance. The size and stature of the Belgian Laekenois is very similar to that of the other Belgian Sheepdogs. They are sturdy and squarely built with good proportions. Their chests are neither wide nor broad, yet they are very deep and reach to the level of the elbows. Their limbs are very straight and parallel and feature round, cat-like paws. They have a flat skull that is parallel to the plane of their tapered muzzle and their teeth meet in a level or scissors bite. Their noses are black, their small ears sit high on their head, and their almond-shaped eyes are dark in color. The Belgian Laekenois has a rough, wiry coat that measures over two inches in length. Fringe is present on the muzzle and head, and the long tail is bushy and covered in dense hair.

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The Belgian Laekenois is a highly intelligent herding dog with a serious, watchful demeanor and passionate protective and territorial instincts. Dogs of this breed should be socialized from a young age to prevent the onset of excessive shyness. The Belgian Laekenois needs firm, patient training from an experienced and knowledgeable dog owner. They are terrific working dogs and perform very well on the competitive obedience circuit. They thrive on human companionship and make wonderful family pets. If socialized properly from a young age, the Belgian Laekenois will get along very well with children. Because of their high energy level, this breed is happiest with lots of open space and a job to do. They may exhibit instinctive behaviors like chasing, circling, or nipping.

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22 – 26 inches
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55 – 65 pounds
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General Health

The Belgian Laekenois has few major health concerns. Skin allergies, eye problems, and behavior fluctuations (such as excessive shyness or aggression) have been seen in some lines of this breed. Like many other large dog breeds, hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are occasionally present. The Belgian Laekenois typically lives for 12 to 14 years. This breed averages 6 to 10 puppies per litter.

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Of the four types of Belgian Sheepdogs, the Belgian Laekenois is the rarest. In the United States, certain varieties of the Belgian Sheepdog have been distinguished as separate breeds. But the Laekenois is not yet recognized by any major kennel club. Developed by as a watchdog breed to guard the fields in Antwerp, the Belgian Laekenois was the favored shepherd dog during the reign of Queen Marie Henriette. Since that time, however, the Belgian Laekenois has become the least popular of the four varieties of Belgian Sheepdogs. All Belgian Sheepdog breeds have excellent natural herding abilities and a variety of talents. The Belgian Laekenois is heavily utilized as a herding, guarding, and rescue worker.

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The Belgian Laekenois has a rough, wiry coat of hair that needs to be clipped and/or trimmed at least twice per year. Depending on the dog’s quality of coat, grooming may be needed more or less often. All dead and excess hair should be removed. Cutting this breed’s hair short will result in a ruined coat for several years. Owners of the Belgian Laekenois should use a coarse-toothed comb to get rid of mats. This breed should be bathed only as necessary to avoid removing the waterproofing of the coat. The Belgian Laekenois sheds little to no hair.

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Ideal Environment

The Belgian Laekenois is an active working dog that is accustomed to having lots of room to run around outside and a job to perform. This breed needs a lot of exercise and time to roam without a leash. The Belgian Laekenois can live in a small household are apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. They are a moderately active breed indoors and are most content with at least an average-sized yard. They can adapt well to a variety of climates but prefer cool weather conditions.

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I am normally allergic to dogs, I thought maybe because this breed doesn't shed it my be okay for me? Any suggestions?

I suggest that you try to find a breeder and go to her/him to meet the dogs. The best way to know if you can cope with the fur. I have a daughter that do react on fur, but not on the one Laekenois has - not even when they are puppies.

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