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(Belgian Shepherd Malinois, Malinois, Chien de Berger Belge) The Belgian Malinois is one of four types of Belgian Sheepdogs. Their bodies are square-shaped and are approximately as long as the length of their tail. They are elegantly muscled and agile, and they carry their heads proudly. Their backs are level and feature a slight slope at the withers, and their hindquarters are strong and lean. The breed’s chest is neither wide nor narrow, but it is very deep and reaches to the level of the elbows. Their limbs are straight and parallel and feature round, cat-like feet. The Belgian Malinois has a flat skull that is parallel to the plane of the tapered muzzle. Their nose is black and their teeth meet in a level or scissors bite. They have a pair of triangular ears that stand erect on the head and their small, almond-shaped eyes are dark in color. The tail is very long and reaches to at least the hock. The Belgian Malinois has a short-haired, waterproof coat that ranges in color from fawn-and-red to mahogany. Black tips, a black mask, and/or black ears may be present. White markings are also prevalent in some Belgian Malinois. The hair around the breed’s neck is longer than the hair across the body.

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The Belgian Malinois is a herding breed with an intelligent, obedient temperament and a watchful disposition. They are serious and possess strong protective and territorial instincts. Some Belgian Malinois may be excessively shy or sensitive. It’s important for this breed to receive proper training and thorough socialization from an early age. Without a firm, patient, and understanding trainer, this breed can become destructive or timid. The Belgian Malinois is happiest when he has a job to perform. They thrive on human affection and form strong bonding relationships with one or two people. While the Belgian Malinois is often dominant towards other dogs, they are almost always very gentle and patient with children. If properly socialized from a young age, they are also likely to get along with other dogs and pets.

They are known for their bravery and loyalty, however, a poorly socialized or imbalanced Malinois may be timid and very fearful of new experiences while still fronting a protective behavior. They have an abundance of energy that can sometimes harm children, even adults. Malinois might only be friendly with the children in its own family or those it is most familiar with. They are weary of strangers. Proper socialization is a must.

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22 – 26 inches
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55 – 65 pounds
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General Health

The Belgian Malinois is a comparatively healthy breed with few major concerns. Skin allergies and eye problems are prevalent in some lines of this breed, and behavior fluctuations (like excessive shyness or aggressiveness) may also be present. Like other large dog breeds, the Belgian Malinois is susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia. Typically this breed lives for 12 to 14 years. The Belgian Malinois averages 6 to 10 puppies per litter.

Some lines of this breed may suffer from eye problems.

Some Malinois are known to suffer from epilepsy. And some have heart problems although this is not as common in this bread.

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The Belgian Malinois is one of four types of Belgian Sheepdog. The breed was named for the Belgian city of Malines. The Belgian Malinois was recognized as a separate breed in 1959 by the AKC. Although they are quite rare in the United States, the Belgian Malinois is very popular in Belgium. The breed has a number of natural talents and is utilized heavily as a working breed. If properly trained and socialized from an early age, the Belgian Malinois makes an excellent family pet. All four types of Belgian Sheepdogs are hardy working breeds with abilities in hunting, tracking, obedience, protection, detection, and herding.

The Belgian Malinois was the first of the four Belgian Sheepdogs.

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The Belgian Malinois has a smooth, short-haired coat that is easy to groom and take care of. Regular brushing with a firm bristle brush will assist the shedding process. This breed is a light constant shedder, but sheds heavily twice per year during shedding season. The Belgian Malinois should be bathed only as necessary. Too much bathing can remove the waterproofing of the coat.

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Ideal Environment

The Belgian Malinois is a herding breed that needs plenty of exercise. Because they are accustomed to an active outdoor life, they need as much time off the leash as possible. This breed can live happily in a small household or apartment if they are sufficiently exercised. They are moderately active indoors and are most content with a minimum of a medium-sized yard. Although the Belgian Malinois can live outside, he prefers to sleep inside with his family.

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I have a 2 years old male japanese spitz, 4 years old female japanese spitz, and a 2.5 months shih-tzu. I plan to have a Belgian malinois and i will treat and love her or him like a family. Is it ok if i will have a belgian malinois, of course i will buy a 2 months old belgian. Is it safe? Does it attack his master like me.

The only issue I can see you having is that the Belgian Malinois likes to assert themselves into the family hierarchy. Assert yourself as the alpha and you shouldn't have a problem. Remember they are a high drive breed that needs exercise, love to play, and need affection as well. The breed has a tendancy to try and be domineering towards other dogs, so that could propose a problem for you.


hi, Im planing to have a belgian malinois as one of my guard dogs but I've heard lots of comments from other people who have already raised this dog, they said that this dog are really dangerous towards people, and base on my experience I have a neighbor having 4 months old belgian malinois the moment he applied force force on his dog, it tend to bite him and did really bite him.. is this dog really dangerous?I really like to have one, what should I do inorder to make this dog a good cetizen

This dog is not aggressive towards his family members if treated right. They are very loyal to their family, and instinctually protective of their family and "property". I have a Belgian Malinois that is a big baby, he can play a little rough at times, but just remember when training this breed it takes a firm yet soft hand for the best results.


Please help me! My neighbor has a Belgiun Malanois who had 7 puppies on 12/08/2008. My neighbor, Kim has MS and the dog (Molly) is her Help dog. Kim had a relapse and is in the hospital and will be for another several weeks. Molly is not letting the puppies nurse and her teats are very red and swollen..and one of the nipples is partially torn off. I think that the dog must have some separation anxiety from Kim being gone. Her stools are very loose also. HELP! Can I give the puppies something else to eat to supplement? And how do I comfort the mother dog, Molly. I am just a neighbor trying to help until she gets home from the hospital. I am overwhelmed because I don't know what to do.

Mal's bond very strongly to one or two individuals. I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but it IS separation anxiety and depression. The only cure is for Molly the dog to see her owner. Most hospitals are happy to let patients see pets- it helps people with the recovery process as wel..


We just adopted a 9 week old pup. We were told he was a German Sheppard but we were unsure and did some research, it turns out he has the makings of a Malanois. The only difference; the ears. The pup's ears flop over and don't appear as pointy as the other Malanois. Will the ears stiffen up and strighten out as he gets older?

We adopted a Belgian whose ears flopped over and our vet recommended some cottage cheese added to his food. His ears stand straight up now!


I adopted a 14 month old Malinois a month ago, but she does not seam protective at all. Are there non protective Malinois?

We adoopted a 9 month old Malinois and she seemed a little unsure of the unknown until the real moment came a couple of months ago. Nala is now 1 1/2 years old. A man who had just stabbed his wife, was hiding in a small space between our back fence and the neighbors back fence. When Nala spotted him, she went bolistic trying to get to him through the cyclone fence. She didn't let up until he left. I called 911 and they caught the guy...thanks to Nala. So it may just take the right moment like it did for us.


I have 2 4 year old belgian malinois they are perfect except for the fact that every now and then decide when left alone to chew the leather couch ... it has been a constant in their behavior, despite of the scat mats .... yesterday they decided to chew the part of the uncovered leather couch ... I don't know what to do ... other than that they are very good dogs .. the best actually, please help me..

Chewing is a sign of boredom or used as a way to get attention (at least for my mal). When I first got her, she would bark at me. When I would turn to look, she would start to chew the molding around the door. If they chew while you're away, the best thing to do it put them in a cage. After a few weeks, they will get the hint, and stop the behavior. If that doesn't work, try a product call Apple Bitter. It comes in a spray bottle. Soak a cotton ball in the product, put it in your dogs mouth, and then hold their mouth shut for 30 seconds. After that, dillute some of the Apple Bitter and spray it on the things your dogs chew. They'll never do it again.


My malinois urinates every time I go to put a leash on him. Has anyone else experiences similar anxieties?

I think they are trying to mark their trail or territory. The first few times I walked my malinois around our village, she urinated at every lamp post. After 10 or so rounds, she would just sniff at the places she urinated and the constant need to urinate was gone.


I have socialized my European Belgian from 3 months to now 1 yr. old. She is very shy around strangers, will not allow them to touch her, or me. No matter how much I try to social her, she rebels. Is this her protective nature, or just very timid? P.S., we are now training for Shutzhund and she is great at it, will she still be ok with my kids?


Is the Belgian Malinois a timid and or sensitive breed? Ours doesn't seem to like loud voices, she doesn't like arguing or being yelled at. She can be really stubborn sometimes, not wanting to come in the house when called. Any ideas?

Timidness runs in some of the lines. Try using a favorite squeaky toy, ball or treat (such as cheese) to get your girl to come in from outside. What you have to realize is that outside is a GREAT place to be for a malinois. There are birds and squirrels and other little animals to have fun with. Also when your malinois does come in from outside, even if you have tried for 10 minutes and she finally comes in, don't use a harsh correction. Be happy that she did come to you. Have a party because she did come in. I know that I wouldn't want to come if everytime I did you were unhappy to see me. The more you can reward the coming in, everytime, the faster and more frequent she'll come for you. Give her a reason to want to come in and leave all the wonderful things outside!!! Coming to you and getting yelled at IS NOT better than being outside having a goo time.


What type of dogs were bred to make the Malinois? Shepherd and what?

every question here is great, I myself was looking for answers on this breed. no one seems to have any.

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