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My malinois urinates every time I go to put a leash on him. Has anyone else experiences similar anxieties?

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I think they are trying to mark their trail or territory. The first few times I walked my malinois around our village, she urinated at every lamp post. After 10 or so rounds, she would just sniff at the places she urinated and the constant need to urinate was gone.

It could be that, mine does urinate alot on her walks, it could also be over excitement

My female Mal had similar trouble up to age 5, often soaking her bed and leaving trails when it was time to go out. It turned out to be a combination of problems. It's important to have your vet check for an underlying infection or other condition. Ours had both. Our vet said some females lose muscle strength in the abdomen after spaying. Also, a urine test showed a PH imbalance- which can lead to kidney stones. Freya was a rescue, and guzzles water any time she gets excited or stressed. A prescription diet and no "human" treats corrected the PH. Exercise on stairs and hills has strengthened her abdomen. We also control her water supply when she's excited, and put her in a calm state of mind before going outside. Now accidents are very rare.

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