Photo I have a 2 years old male japanese spitz, 4 years old female japanese spitz, and a 2.5 months shih-t

The only issue I can see you having is that the Belgian Malinois likes to assert themselves into the family hierarchy. Assert yourself as the alpha and you shouldn't have a problem. Remember they are

Photo hi, Im planing to have a belgian malinois as one of my guard dogs but I've heard lots of comments fr

This dog is not aggressive towards his family members if treated right. They are very loyal to their family, and instinctually protective of their family and "property". I have a Belgian Mal

Photo Please help me! My neighbor has a Belgiun Malanois who had 7 puppies on 12/08/2008. My neighbor, Kim

Mal's bond very strongly to one or two individuals. I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but it IS separation anxiety and depression. The only cure is for Molly the dog to see her owne

Photo We just adopted a 9 week old pup. We were told he was a German Sheppard but we were unsure and did

We adopted a Belgian whose ears flopped over and our vet recommended some cottage cheese added to his food. His ears stand straight up now!

Photo I adopted a 14 month old Malinois a month ago, but she does not seam protective at all. Are there no

We adoopted a 9 month old Malinois and she seemed a little unsure of the unknown until the real moment came a couple of months ago. Nala is now 1 1/2 years old. A man who had just stabbed his wife,

Photo I have 2 4 year old belgian malinois they are perfect except for the fact that every now and then d

Chewing is a sign of boredom or used as a way to get attention (at least for my mal). When I first got her, she would bark at me. When I would turn to look, she would start to chew the molding aroun

Photo My malinois urinates every time I go to put a leash on him. Has anyone else experiences similar anx

I think they are trying to mark their trail or territory. The first few times I walked my malinois around our village, she urinated at every lamp post. After 10 or so rounds, she would just sniff at

Photo I have socialized my European Belgian from 3 months to now 1 yr. old. She is very shy around strange
Photo Is the Belgian Malinois a timid and or sensitive breed? Ours doesn't seem to like loud voices, she d

Timidness runs in some of the lines. Try using a favorite squeaky toy, ball or treat (such as cheese) to get your girl to come in from outside. What you have to realize is that outside is a GREAT pl

Photo What type of dogs were bred to make the Malinois? Shepherd and what?

every question here is great, I myself was looking for answers on this breed. no one seems to have any.

Photo Hi I believe my dog is a mixed breed of the belgian Malinois as his ears are not sticking out. Is t
Photo Greetings, I am thinking of getting this breed because it suits who I am. Unfortunately I live in

I'm not sure how long ago that you posted this question, but I have an answer to your problem. I have a 8 month old Malinois and we live on 3 un-fenced acres. That means we can't just let her outsid

Photo hi im planning to buy a belgian malinios and he is already 2 month what basic tranning that i can gi

I have a Belgian/Dutch Shepherd mix so I'm not sure if I'm qualified to answer..., but,,, I'd say the most important thing is socializing your dog. Belgian's are protective and watch your every move a

Photo Hi there, Recently my husband and I adopted an ex-explosive dog named Kely. She's a Belgian Malinois

The Malinois is certainly a work dog. However, the dog was retired after a career in explosives. Generally, this means the dog wasn't given enough re-assurance in that environment and developed a &qu

Photo I have a female Belgian Malinois who is already 13month old. But her height is only 20inches (should
Photo Hello, my family got a 2 year old Belgian back in October and ever since she has had constant loose

We have a belgian pup and found that she has a very delicate stomach what food is your dog on. We found that when we changed her food her stools became hard. We feed ours k9 optimum it's not the cheap

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