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The Belgian Mastiff is a very large breed that is said to be extinct. They have a strong, brawny build and impressive muscular strength. The breed has a broad forehead with a well-developed skull and their ears are proportionately large and hanging. The back of the breed is higher than the front of the dog. The Belgian Mastiff has a sleek-shorthaired coat that comes in a variety of colors including red, brown-brindle, fawn, or black with a dark mask and white markings.

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Although the original Belgian Mastiff is thought be extinct, some argue that there are still specimens of this breed that exist today. There is currently a group in place that is in the process of re-creating this breed. The original Belgian Mastiff was a hardy working breed that pulled carts for poorer Belgians who could not afford to buy horses. While the Belgian Mastiff wasn’t considered to be particularly friendly, he was known for his loving, loyal, and protective disposition. While the breed was sometimes vicious towards strangers, the Belgian mastiff was not an all-around aggressive dog. They were calm, obedient, and took their jobs very seriously.

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27 – 32 inches
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99 – 110 pounds
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General Health

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Veterinary research supplied from the BVS shows that the breed can struggle with bovine cancer.

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The Belgian Kennel Club states that the original Belgian Mastiff is likely extinct, and the FCI has placed the breed on the suspended list. There is presently a workgroup in Belgium that is attempting to re-create the Belgian Mastiff breed and develop a new standard. Because of the Belgian Mastiff’s resemblance to the French hounds of that time period, it is believed that this breed likely originated in France. Several of the breed’s characteristics were later changed, and the breed was then brought to Belgium. The Belgian Mastiff was originally utilized as a working breed for pulling carts.

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The Belgian Mastiff has a short-haired coat that is very easy to groom and take care of.

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Ideal Environment

The Belgian Mastiff is a working breed that needs plenty of exercise and a job to perform.

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I have a 5 year old Belgian Mastiff that has a terrible body odor. The vet tells me that it is a skin disorder and nothing can be done for it. Everything I have tried has failed. Can you give me any advice?

I'm sure it's the food you're feeding your dog - must be allergic to it. I had the same with my Morkie. I fed him a grain-free food and not only was his digestion better, but he doesn't stink any more and his breath is better smelling too!

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