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(Berger Picard, Bacardi Shepherd, Picardy Shepherd, Berger de Picardie) The Berger De Picard is a medium-sized breed with a well-muscled build and a body that is slightly longer than it is tall. The breed’s high-set ears stand erect on the head and are wider at the base than at the tip. They have thick eyebrows and a tail that is left natural. The breed’s tail is carried with a slight J-curve at the tip and normally reaches the hock. The coat of the Berger De Picard is composed of thick, strong hair that is approximately two inches in length. The coat exists in a number of colors including grey, blue-grey, red-grey, grey-black, and light or darker fawn. White patches may be present on the feet.

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The Berger De Picard’s temperament varies greatly. In order to raise this breed properly, owners should provide a stable home environment and plenty of assurance. This breed is accustomed to being a member of the “pack”, and they shouldn’t be kept in a kennel or isolated from the family. Berger De Picards should be thoroughly socialized when they are young. Depending on who or what he is exposed to at an early age, Berger De Picards are capable of getting along well with children and other animals. Because of their natural instincts and hunting abilities, this breed loves to bark and will do so frequently. They are stubborn and highly intelligent, and they learn quickly if they “choose” to do so. It can be a task to train Berger De Picards to perform consistently. When commands are given cheerfully, they are more likely to be receptive. They are energetic, alert, loyal, and good-natured with children. They are a fine sheep and cattle herder, and they are also a good farm guard.

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21.5 – 26 inches
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50 – 70 pounds
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General Health

The Berger De Picard is susceptible to getting eye infections at a young age because of draught or dirt getting into the eyes. After the first year, eye problems are rarely seen. The breed is prone to hip dysplasia, but it is rare because of their light weight. Hereditary eye problems like PRA and RD may be present. All Berger De Picards should have their eyes regularly checked. Typically this breed lives for 13 to 14 years.

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The Berger De Picard may very well be the oldest of all the French shepherds. The breed first arrived in Picardy and the Pas de Calais along with the Celts in 800 AD. Named after the Picardie region in northeastern France, the Berger De Picard made its first show appearance in France in 1863. Some believe that the breed is descendant of the Briard and Beauceron, but others think it shares a common origin with the Belgian and Dutch Shepherds. The Berger De Picard almost became extinct after the two World Wars, and it is still a very rare breed. There are an estimated 3,000 Berger De Picards in France and roughly 350 of them in Germany. The Berger De Picard was initially recognized by the UKC in France on January 1, 1994.

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The Berger De Picard’s thick, waterproof coat needs combing and brushing on a monthly basis. This breed should be brushed and bathed only as necessary to prevent removing the waterproofing of the coat. If possible, the coat should only be brushed during shedding season and only wiped down as it becomes dirty. The Berger De Picard is a light shedder and their coat doesn’t have any odor.

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Ideal Environment

The Berger De Picard can live happily in a small household or apartment if he is given plenty of daily exercise. This breed loves spending time with their owner(s), but they need lots of daily activity. They enjoy running, swimming, and going for walks and bike rides. Enrolling in obedience classes and agility skills is a productive way to keep this breed happy. The Berger De Picard is a quiet dog that would prefer to spend time inside as opposed to outside. If trained to stay outside during the day, he will likely adjust. The Berger De Picard is known for lying under a table and simply waiting quietly until his owner takes him for another walk.

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Is the Berger De Picard compatible with asthmatic or allergic persons? I'm not one with a taste for poodles or little terriers, but I've been told that hair vs. fur is better for asthmatics. I fell in love with this breed after seeing the movie.

Although it is stated they don't shred, I have the experience they do when living indoor. It would not be my choice when I was asthmatic or allergic to dogs


i was wondering how much do the Bacardi shepherd dogs cost..? , because i have looked for it everywhere on line and i am not able to get a price range on them

2,000.00 re. male /female puppy

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