Photo Can this dog run long distances? 5 to 6 miles at a time.

From what I've learned - these are not long distance running dogs and they have a lower energy level. However, they excel in obedience, search & rescue, carting and tracking.

Photo If you adopt a Bernese Mountain dog puppy into a family that already has a small dog, will there be

Bernese Mt. Dogs usually get along well with other animals so there should be no problems adjusting.

Photo Is it possible to predict when bmd are puppies, how wavy their hair will be when they grow up? Alth
Photo Do Bernese Moutain Dogs slobber at all?

Mine does not slobber.

Photo Are Bernese Mountain dogs good farm dogs?

Yes, they would be good on a farm. As for sleeping outdoors that is okay, as long as that is what he or she wants. If they act like they want to be in with you, as mine does, definitely let them sle

Photo Is this breed of dog bad for someone with allergies or asthma?

It depends on what your allergies are, if it is dog hair, be warned, they shed a lot, if it is outdoor elements, don't leave the dog out, or brush well before bringing in.

Photo What is the average price to pay for a puppy.

$600-1200 is the standard price for a pet-quality dog guaranteed against heart/hip problems. Expect to pay $1000-1800 for a show-quality dog. Additionally, if you wish to acquire a female for breedi

Photo I live in Tampa, FL. How would a Berner do in Florida?

Not well. The Berner has such a heavy coat, that he/she would need to remain indoors for most months out of the year.

Photo We have a small yard 440square meters in total (the house takes up majority of it). We are looking a

Fine as long as you keep up with walking him.

Photo Does the bernese have to be in a fenced in yard? Will they stay around home or do they run? I have a
Photo We have a Bernese and he keeps marking all over the house. This has just started happening for a co

You may want to have him checked by your veterinarian to make sure it's not a medical issue like a kidney infection or bladder/urinary tract infection. It is unusual for a male dog of that age to all

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