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Can you get a bichon to swim or do they naturaly hate water??

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my beautiful bichon loved to surf and loved the water he would jump in after out boat such spunk yet very gentle

My baby does not like the ocean but loves the beach. He doesn't mind his bath though!

Mine has a kiddie pool that he LOVES. My parents and I will set it up during the summer and he goes in to and "swims" in a way. If he is out on his chain and the pool isn't out, he will bark til you come out of the house and get the pool out for him. He can spend a good hour out in the pool. He doesn't like baths too much nor the rain, but loves the pool.

My Bichon at 2 1/2 loves the pool, i do have a swimvest for her, but she wears it some, and she swims without it too. When i first got her she didn't like a bath, so i started putting her in the shower, and she still likes that. But she does love it when i take her in the pool with me.

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