Photo I found a Bichon Shih at our local Petland store. Can you give me any information on this type of Bi

If I were you I WOULD NOT purchase a dog from Adam Berger at this Petland. Not only is he cruel about life he told me too bad for me that my old English bulldogge was at the animal hospital. We boug

Photo is this dog considered to be a hypo-allerginic type of dog?

no.. there is no such thing as a non allergic dog according to my son's allergist. My son has asthma and it's not the fur it's the dander which people are allergic too.

Photo do frises come in diffrent color?

no they dont come in other colours unless you get a mixed breed such as a bich poo. But no pure bred bichon can be any other colour than white.

Photo we have just purchased a male bichon and he's approx 5mths old, his fur/coat seems to be changing fr

this is completly normal. i own 6 bichons ranging in age from 1 year to 9 years. your puppy is growing its outer coat

Photo My Bichon is my 17 months old. He becomes very nasty when I try to brush or comb his hair. He bite
Photo My bichon frise is only 3 yrs old and has already develop severe cataracts on both his eyes. He is a

My bichon is about to be 4 years old and we just found out he had cataracts about a month ago. But it has very rapidly gotten worse! I think it is common in bichons to get them at at early age. It ha

Photo Can you get a bichon to swim or do they naturaly hate water??

my beautiful bichon loved to surf and loved the water he would jump in after out boat such spunk yet very gentle

Photo My Bichon carries her toy bear in her mouth and whimpers with it in there for like 30min has anyone

I don't know why they do it, but my bichon does the same exact thing after he eats. When he does this, my family knows that he has eatten and his way of talking to his bear. I am glad that I am not

Photo My 3 year old bichon frise still has several accidents in the house, we unfortunately did not receiv

Our Bichon is 2yrs 8mths old. We got her as a puppy. We trained her to go outside or on a pad. She mostly goes outside. Once in a while she will go on a pad...smack in the middle. We keep a pad out if

Photo My Bichon Frise (female) is about 7 months old and we think she is about to come into season. How lo
Photo Hello, I am looking at getting a 6 month old Bichon Frise cross Maltese. I would like to know if the

bichons can be left alone for several hours at a time, although they prefer not to be. we leave our bichon at home alone all day when we visit relatives over the holiday. she is always very happy wh

Photo My Bichon (female) is 8-9 years old, in the 6 weeks since her last groom her pure white coat has dev
Photo We have a 3-1/2 month Yo-Chon (Yorkie/Bichon mix) and we were told they cannot wear a collar, is thi
Photo Would an occasional drink of tea be alright for my 13 week old puppy?

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