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do frises come in diffrent color?

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no they dont come in other colours unless you get a mixed breed such as a bich poo. But no pure bred bichon can be any other colour than white.

I have a pure bred Bichon with Apricot markings. I have met other Bichon owners and their Bichon also have Apricot markings. I am told that this is acceptable.

If you read AKC bichon standards it says...'Color is white, may have shadings of buff, cream or apricot around the ears or on the body. Any color in excess of 10% of the entire coat of a mature specimen is a fault and should be penalized, but color of the accepted shadings should not be faulted in puppies.'

They can come in sort of a creamish peach colour when that happens it's usely under there mouth or on there neck

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