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we have just purchased a male bichon and he's approx 5mths old, his fur/coat seems to be changing from long hair into short curlier hair , is this normal for this breed

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this is completly normal. i own 6 bichons ranging in age from 1 year to 9 years. your puppy is growing its outer coat

thankyou for your answer, our "Benji" seems to be getting the change in coat in different parts of his body , at the mo his head is nearly the same as when we got him, his fore legs and a third of the way down his body seems to be changing tot the short coat, i assume that eventually all the original fur will disappear and he will be left with a short coat, how long does this take, he likes a right "nit" the way he is at present, also apart from washing his faces and eyes regularily, is there anything we can try to get rid of the "pinky stain around his eyes....

yes the curly hair us much easier to groom as well not as messy as the first coat

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