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(Southern Cur, Yellow Black Mouth Cur, Southern Black Mouth Cur, American Black Mouth Cur) The Black Mouth Cur is a strong, sturdy hunting breed with a muscular build and powerful presence. They have a prominent muzzle and hanging ears that are medium-sized. Tails of this breed can be quite long, but many Black Mouth Curs have their tails docked. Their chests are solid, well-developed, and deep. The coat of this breed exists in a variety of yellow shades, fawn, and brindle. Some Black Mouth Curs are born with heavier coats than others. The muzzle may be a different color than the coat.

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The Black Mouth Cur is the ideal hunting dog. They are heavily utilized in the southern United States for their ability to hunt boar, bear, raccoon, squirrel, and deer. They are able to trap and kill medium-sized game swiftly and accurately, with no questions asked. Because of their natural talents and instincts, the Black Mouth Cur is an exceptionally loyal and passionate breed. They are devoted and will constantly aim to please their master. They are very gentle and protective of their families, and they love children. It’s very important that this breed is not spanked or hit. They are a voice-sensitive breed and do not respond well to any sort of negative physical touching. A stern voice should be used sparingly as a training method. The Black Mouth Cur is highly intelligent and even-tempered. Because of their instincts, this breed shouldn’t be left unattended with non-canine pets.

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16 – 25 inches
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45 – 95 pounds
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General Health


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Throughout the southern part of the United States, there are many varieties of cur-type dogs that are heavily utilized by local hunters and sportsmen. The Black Mouth Cur became famous when a specimen of this breed played the role of Old Yeller.

Curs originally came from northern England.

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The short-haired coat of the Black Mouth Cur is easy to groom and maintain. An occasional combing and brushing will help assist the shedding process and get rid of any dead hairs. This breed should only be bathed as necessary to avoid removal of the skin’s natural oils. Ears should be kept clean and rid of any excess hair, and toenails should be trimmed regularly.

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Ideal Environment

The Black Mouth Cur is a hunting breed that needs plenty of outdoor space and regular exercise. They are very physical and need a lot of room to run freely. They are not accustomed to a small household or apartment, and they are happiest with a large-sized yard.

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Black Mouth Cur Q&A

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When Black Mouth Cur are puppies are they really shy

From all I have read Black Mouth Curs are very cautious around new people. Eventually they will be "normal" around the family, but they will always be shy with strangers.


When the puppy sees us he wags his tail but at the same time he runs away from us and when we try to pick him up he shakes vilently,why does he do that?

He may have trust issues from a former owner and not trust humans. Obviously, he wants to trust you since he’s excited to see you but he’s unsure how to act. I would probably start taking him on walks and playing with him outside. Maybe teach him fetch and give him treats? The idea is to make your time together positive. Eventually, he will stop being so shy.


We live in a rural area, but there are other houses within earshot. I am trying to decide what type of dog to get. Do Black Mouth Curs bark a lot (so as to keep neighbors awake at night)?

We just got a black mouth cur a week ago and we have 4 dogs in the house behind us that are always barking and whinning. Our dog has barked about 2 times. She is very quite when she did bark. So I would say that a black mouth cur would be perfect for your housing.


I am doing a report on these dogs, what would their breed be called in French?

Bouche Actu Noir, meaning black mouth cur.


We are looking for a new puppy for our home and we found some blackmouth cur puppies at the shelter. The reading I have done continues to talk about them bieng hunters. Would a blackmouth cur be happy in a family that doesn't hunt or have a big back yard? We have lots of paths where I will be able to walk him each day and my husband jogs so he can run with him. Also, we have lots of squirls in our backyard. Will we find lots of dead little squirls if we get one of these puppies?

I\'ve had mine in apartments (without yards) his whole life so its possible. It\'s very important to get them out as much as possible and mine sometimes is \"depressed\" if we\'ve gone a few days without a lot of outside time. Usually an hour or two of running will keep him happy for a few days. I would recommend taking him to an enclosed dog park or frequent walks during the day. I\'ve never taken him hunting but he does have that instinct so it\'s important to really nail down sit, stay, and come. My dog knows these commands and will still charge at animals if he sees them so I never take him off leash unless he is contained. He is the most loving dog though and even if he runs off he will always come back to me. He\'s even learned to detect panic attacks without any training and sits on me to comfort me. You won\'t regret getting a bmc!


My black mouth cur puppy smells alot. We wash her consistently, but she still smells. Also, she is itching as well, eventhough we have examined her for fleas, etc and there is none. Any ideas about what isgoing on. Thx.

The constant washing is probably causing her to itch. I recommend seeing your vet for the smell. Washing the dog too often causes other skin issues.

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