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(Chornyi, Terrier Noir Russe, Russian Bear Schnauzer, Black Terrier, Tchiorny Terrier) The Black Russian Terrier is a rare Russian breed that has an above average-sized body and a robust, hardy build. They are large, powerful, and sturdy. Their block-shaped head is long and boasts a broad skull. Their muzzle has a square-shaped appearance that is further accentuated by the mustache and beard. The breed’s stop is subtly well-define and the nose is large, fully pigmented, and black in color. They have full, rounded lips that close over a large and powerful set of jaws. Their well-developed teeth close in a scissors bite and their medium-sized, wide-set eyes are almond-shaped and dark in color. Ears of this breed are triangular in shape, pendular, and always left natural. The ears are set high on the head. The Black Russian Terrier’s neck is thick, burly, and well-muscled. The body’s length is in direct proportion to the height at the withers. The topline is level but does not look straight or flat. The forelegs are straight and well-boned, and the large shoulders are heavily muscled and boast broad, sloping blades. The hocks of this breed are comparatively large and well-developed to promote spring and drive. Tails are cropped. The Black Russian Terrier has a waterproof coat that is black in color. Any markings aren’t acceptable for show dogs, but there may be some grey hairs within the coat itself. The texture of this breed’s coat is somewhat coarse, depending on whether the coat is full or stripped.

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The Black Russian Terrier is very courageous and observant. They are suspicious of strangers and possess strong protective instincts. From an early age, this breed should be trained lovingly and firmly in order to steer them in the proper direction. Black Russian Terrier puppies are sensitive, playful, and they are quick to learn and adapt. Because of their curiosity, they are apt to investigate and get into anything that appears interesting. They are enthusiastic and love playing and spending time with their families. They are excellent with children. They have an even-tempered, good-natured demeanor, and they seek intense contact with people and animals. They generally don’t get into fights with other dogs, but male Black Russian Terriers shouldn’t share a household with other large, dominant dogs. This breed can easily live with other pets and small animals. They are comparatively easy to housebreak and they rarely bark. Consistent family contact, good training, and proper socialization will ensure that the best qualities of this breed are brought out for all to enjoy.

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25 – 29 inches
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80 – 143 pounds
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General Health

The Black Russian Terrier is prone to hip dysplasia. Ears of this breed should be properly cared for and regularly checked to prevent the onset of otitis. This breed typically lives for 10 to 11 years. They average 6 to 12 puppies per litter.

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Throughout the 1940s, the army-controlled kennel called “Red Star” began breeding a dog for its own needs. In order to develop a breed that suited all of their criteria, Red Star utilized a program that was created by Soviet breeder specialists. The initial goal was to produce a hardy, strong, massive dog that possessed a good work ethic and spirited personality. This dog would also have to be able to handle drastic fluctuations in climate. Select Airedale breeds, Giant Schnauzers, Rottweilers, and Russian Water Dogs were involved in the Black Russian Terrier’s creation. A total of twenty different dog breeds were selectively bred to develop the breed. After several years, Russian breeders from a parliamentary organization purchased dogs from the Red Star kennel. These breeders started to standardize the appearance of the breed, while still maintaining the initial traits and personality of the breed. The Black Russian Terrier was officially recognized in May 1984 by the FCI. The breed is highly important to the Red Army.

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The Black Russian Terrier has a weatherproof double coat that needs trimming 2 to 3 times per year. Professional grooming should be administered as necessary. If the dog’s coat is soft, stripping may be required. Black Russian Terriers should be brushed on a weekly basis and stray hairs around the ear ducts and under the paws should be removed. This breed sheds very little if it is brushed frequently.

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Ideal Environment

The Black Russian Terrier can live happily in a small household or apartment if he is sufficiently exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors, and they are likely to follow their owner(s) around from place to place. This breed shouldn’t be kept in a kennel because of their constant need for human affection and attention. The Black Russian Terrier loves to go for walks and romp in open spaces.

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I met a dog at the humane society and I believe she is a Russian Terrier. She is 3 years old and I can't find a lot of information on why her family took her to the shelter. I'm interested in adopting her but I'm concerned that it will be difficult to train a 3 year old. Do you have any insight?

These dogs want to please. They are very protective of their families. I have a 5 year old male.


My friend has two BRTs. The female has a terrible problem with odor around her mouth. She also drools a lot. Our thought is that the odor and the moisture in the hair around the mouth are connected. Possibly bacteria or a fungus. What can be done to get rid of this odor?

Hi,the only way that seems to work apart from the obvious being clear of gum,tooth or medical problems is to cut and keep short the hair around the mouth especilly towards the corners,if you pull the mouth tight and trim we have found the oder goes ,we also use wipes etc to keep fresh as the drooling or excess spit when exercising is a poss cause,i think the ammount also depends on how much newfoundland is in your dog!!


My Black Russian Terrier at age 1,5 had hair on body long up to 16-17 inches, than I gave him a haircut. Do you have an idea from which breed he could got that long hair(he is a pure breed, i brough him from a breeder)?

Newfoundland dogs were one of the breeds involved in making the BRT, russian water dogs also have very long coats in many litters.


I bathe my dog every week with very good shampoos and he still smelling fresh until next groom, except his beard. Does anybody has a way to clean beard without washing or wetting the body?

I have heard baking soda and water works. Never tried it myself however. A good resource to check out is rbkbrt


It seems my BRT has a food allergy, often gets a diarrhea. Vets can't tell me details, they put him on prescription dry food and I do not like that. Does this breed has food allergies?

Hi,we had the same probs ,we have a 32" high boy called louis,eventually we settled on a food called 'naturediet',we found carbs the main problem and also dog mixer,certain brands would go straight through within hours!!we now only give him naturediet and burns hypoallergenic mixer,he has burns fish bites but very few other treats as they do not agree either,its amazing within hours it can go through!!!,we now have perfect poo!!!no pasta,rice potatos or mainly carbs,hopes this helps

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