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My friend has two BRTs. The female has a terrible problem with odor around her mouth. She also drools a lot. Our thought is that the odor and the moisture in the hair around the mouth are connected. Possibly bacteria or a fungus. What can be done to get rid of this odor?

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Hi,the only way that seems to work apart from the obvious being clear of gum,tooth or medical problems is to cut and keep short the hair around the mouth especilly towards the corners,if you pull the mouth tight and trim we have found the oder goes ,we also use wipes etc to keep fresh as the drooling or excess spit when exercising is a poss cause,i think the ammount also depends on how much newfoundland is in your dog!!

dear, sorry, i just came your question across, i know very late but maybe the condition is still there and maybe you have it handled, use double helix water, you will see improvement, (hope you have been the dentist )

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