Photo I met a dog at the humane society and I believe she is a Russian Terrier. She is 3 years old and I c

These dogs want to please. They are very protective of their families. I have a 5 year old male.

Photo My friend has two BRTs. The female has a terrible problem with odor around her mouth. She also dro

Hi,the only way that seems to work apart from the obvious being clear of gum,tooth or medical problems is to cut and keep short the hair around the mouth especilly towards the corners,if you pull the

Photo My Black Russian Terrier at age 1,5 had hair on body long up to 16-17 inches, than I gave him a hair

Newfoundland dogs were one of the breeds involved in making the BRT, russian water dogs also have very long coats in many litters.

Photo I bathe my dog every week with very good shampoos and he still smelling fresh until next groom, exce

I have heard baking soda and water works. Never tried it myself however. A good resource to check out is rbkbrt

Photo It seems my BRT has a food allergy, often gets a diarrhea. Vets can't tell me details, they put him

Hi,we had the same probs ,we have a 32" high boy called louis,eventually we settled on a food called 'naturediet',we found carbs the main problem and also dog mixer,certain brands would go straig

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