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I have a litter of bloodhounds 12 reds I think? Someone just told me that my pups with pink noses are liver and the ones with the black noses are the red ones? I'm getting confued? Can anyone tell me any thing about the colors?

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unsure on the red or liver but pink nose dogs are pet quality only and should not be allowed to breed.If registered dogs please sell all on limited registration.

I have a fully registered male Liver and Tan with excellent bloodlines who just so happens to have a "Liver nose" not pink, but not black either. I have read the AKC standard over and over and no where does it mention a required nose color. I was lead to believe that a red was just that with the dark muzzle and then there was a liver and tan in which case the muzzle matched the "liver" color. I have never heard of a solid Liver colored bloodhound. Take a look back at the AKC/Eukanuba National Champion of 2005, Knotty, he does not appear to have a black nose to me.


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