Photo How much does a 6 month female bloodhound typically weigh? I think mine is underweight?

A full grown female weighs typically 80-90 pounds. I would imagine a 6 month old female would weigh around 60-70. If you think your dog is underweight talk to your veternarian and if you don't have a

Photo I have a litter of bloodhounds 12 reds I think? Someone just told me that my pups with pink noses ar

unsure on the red or liver but pink nose dogs are pet quality only and should not be allowed to breed.If registered dogs please sell all on limited registration.

Photo can anyone help me with the hound smell. what secrets can you give? I do the regular grooming but th

Try good old fashioned pure vanilla extract! It works, I have used it on my dogs matress's for years, they have their own childrens beds. Any way just sprinkle a few drops on a carpet, or wash an item

Photo Has anyone ever seen a bloodhound english bulldog mix? I just got a puppy from my neighbor. Just cur

Yes, We have a 1yr old bloodhound english bulldog mix. She is about 80lbs with a wrinkled face and a bulldog body. She is just the cutest thing we have ever seen. Also she loves to swim.

Photo Do bloodhounds like to swim?

yes- the one I have loves to swim - just like a lab

Photo when should i start serious training with my blood hound? he is 5 months and he is a bad boy. He jum

you should have started training as early as 6 weeks! You need to understand that now it will be harder to train your dog but it still can be done. You just have to be consistent and don't forget to u

Photo how much would a five to six month bloodhound need to eat??
Photo I'm considering getting a bloodhound, but need to know if anyone has problems with excessive barking

no ours is not a barking but he does talk alot. He is the most talkitive dog I have ever had.

Photo I have a 10 month old son and we are considering getting a bloodhound puppy. How are they around sm

I have a two year old male bloodhound named Lincoln, we got him when my daughter was about 19 months and I was pregnant with my third child. He was always sweet and gentle with our daughter who was a

Photo my bloodhound is almost 2 yrs old, and she is getting aggressive over nothing at all, and i am conce

She might be an alpha female. Ours is like that. She dominates our male but has never shown aggression towards any humans. I try to deter ours by getting in front of her or distracting her.

Photo I have a ten month old bloodhound named Dixe. I purchased her from a reputable breeder and she is AK

I had the same problem with my bloodhound and my husband... We tried everything to get him to respond to my husband with out fail... finally I started the training all over again but with treats... ev

Photo Do Bloodhounds like water of any kind? Swimming, bathing etc.

My bloodhound doesn't like to swim much. But she doesn't compalin when I giver her a bath

Photo I have a 3 month old male bloodhound and he drools ALOT!! when we took him to the petstore we were t


Photo Above this question was asked. (help me with the hound smell. what secrets can you give? I do the re

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