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(Blue Lacy Game Dog, Texas Blue Lacy Game Dog) The Blue Lacy is a working breed that has a smooth, tight coat that is an unusual slate blue color. This distinguished coat hue is a genetic rarity. The coat is sleek and clean in appearance. White markings may or may not be present on the brisket, and they are often present on the dog’s paws. The Blue Lacy exists in other colors like red, yellow, and cream. The tri-colored Blue Lacy is classified as red. This tri-color coat is blue with red markings on the eyes, muzzle, under the tail, and down both sides of the legs. No matter the color of coat, the Blue Lacy is always referred to as the Blue Lacy because it possesses the distinctive blue-color gene. The eyes of this breed are very bright and orange to yellow in color.

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The Blue Lacy is a working breed that possesses a strong ethic and a friendly demeanor. They are exceptionally easy to work with and are great at getting along with children. They are dedicated and energetic, and they are capable of handling unexpected situations. This breed is sensitive to yelling and responds best to stern or soft commands. The Blue Lacy is a very instinctual dog that uses its natural talents to perform a job. They are suited to herding and droving tasks, and they are also utilized as hunting and tracking dogs.

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18 – 25 inches
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25 – 50 pounds
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General Health

Presently, the Blue Lacy doesn’t have any reported health issues or concerns. They typically live for over 16 years. Many owners of this breed have reported that their Blue Lacy is still hunting and working with cattle at the age of 16.

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Named after the Blue Lacy family of Texas, this breed is recorded in the Lacy family history as being the result of Greyhound, coyote, and scenthound crosses with an emphasis placed on herding talents. Many people believe it was a Red Bone Hound or Italian Gray Hound that contributed to the development of the Blue Lacty, but others say it was a July Hound. The Lacy brothers arrived in Texas via covered wagon from Kentucky in the year 1858. The ranching abilities of the Blue Lacy fulfilled the needs of many Colonial Americans throughout the southern and south-western United States for over a century. Unfortunately, the development of the three-wheeled horse brought the Blue Lacy close to extinction. Thankfully, the need for this breed’s abilities to bay and pick up trail scents replaced the need for its herding talents. The Blue Lacy is now the favorite choice of the United States Trappers.

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The Blue Lacy’s short-haired coat is easy to groom and take care of. An occasional brushing will help assist the shedding process.

I have this beautiful creature and she is a great dog. Would like to know the correct diet for her. She weighs 80 lbs now and is 3 yrs old. very active but I feel I might be feeding her too much. Please advise. Thank you

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Ideal Environment

Like the majority of working breeds, the Blue Lacy needs lots of attention and plenty of daily exercise. If improperly exercised, they are likely to become bored and hyper. The Blue Lacy is accustomed to life on a ranch or with a hunting family. They can adapt well to other types of living conditions, and they make good house pets. They love to be outdoors.

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How does the Blue Lacy fare in colder climates? We are interested in the breed and live in Montana. Any issues that you know of?

the blue lacy was bred in texas but alot of people have them up north and no probblems have been reported.


Are these dogs suitable for an apartment if they are excercised daily? And is their bark high or low pitched, and do they bark often?

An apartment is not the ideal place to keep a Lacy because they are very active, and leaving one unattended might mean coming home to a lot of destruction. Ideally, they would be able to run all day, not just have a short exercise period. Their bark varies depending on level of excitement, and can range from very shrill and high pitched to a very deep warning!

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