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Hi, I purchased a male boerboel puppy, he is now 16 months old however he does not have a bulky build like our two year old female, he eats well and he is dewormed can anyone help ( he was purchased from a reputable breeder and both his parents are the same build as our female)

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hi,i had douge de bordeaux male that was about 104lbs 23in at the withers,his mates where quit large but what dose this mean?it's like in a family 1 son short the other tall etc,it dose not mean your dog is bad its his make up he might of skip a genertion or two large and thick dose not make a dog better or worst some times having to much dog could mean more problems on there joints,back hips ,elbows enjoy your dog ask your dog if he thinks you are to thin, to tall,or anything else and guess what? your dog will love no matter what.

he is still very young. they can continue growing until they are about three, especially since he is a male. i know a male black boerboel that was small as a young pup. at about 8 months he hit his growth spurt. then he was tall and lanky for the next year. at around 2.5 he started putting on weight, and now he is about 26 inches and 155 lbs. a good diet and exercise is all thats needed and your dog will grow.

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