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Hi my parents are planning on getting a boerboel pup, they live in west africa. But right now I am in Canada and will only be able to see them later in the year, if they get a a puppy now it will be 8 months by the time i see it, can you please tell me if that would be of a problem to adjust with a big puppy, I mean are they friendly to family even if they are introduced at a later age? I really need some advise, thanks.

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Like all dogs that can be aggressive if they are socialized from puppy to adult there should not be any worries. Just remember to tell your parents to socialize, socialize.

We rescued our Boerboel girl at 7 months and despite a cruel "puppyhood" she immediately fitted in with our family, my daughter was 5 at that stage and we constantly had other children over. She interacted with them without any problem whatsoever. We already had a Labrador and they absolutely adored oneanother after being left to establish dominance. We live on a farm, so she has ample excercise to get rid of any pentup energy (1) and she stays indoors with us at night, which helped, I think, with giving her the necessary love and teaching her some social skills. It is now four years later and although I wasn't a Boerboel fan previously, I am definitely reformed.

I hope the pup likes you and gets socialized correctly. My pup remembers people she saw when she was 3 months old and came to visit again last week. She is now 1 year old. She does not like strangers and she hates my land lord for some reason. She is very loving towards the family and our new 8 week old Jack Russel puppy. I think it is completely her prerogative, who she will trust and even just tolerate in her space. But this is just my experience. This is probably the best dog we could get as a family.

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