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I have a borbel puppy that is 3 months old, and growls when he doesn't want to move. Does this mean that he is going to be an aggressive dog?

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It means that he feels dominate, or like he’s the one in control. Thus the “don’t bother me” growl. It doesn’t mean that he will grow up to be aggressive as long as you train it out of him and let him know that kind of behavior is not ok. When you want him to move tell him, don’t ask. It’s very important to think dominance. For the immediate while, you could leave a short leash on him with a light choker. When you want him to come use simple commands, “come” and give a slight jerk on the leash. He will get the idea soon and the growling should stop. He will also end up being more obedient.

no it just means he does not want to move.

I have a 2 yr old who growls when he does not want to move but does not mean anything by it hes just trying to be no1 ha ha big softy realy

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