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I have a male boerboel that weighs 70kg and is 10 months old, but bunny hops at the moment, due to a hip problem. We had him at the vet, who gave us two options: 1) To put him down 2) To take tablets for the rest of his life ( which he gives 3 -4) years to ease the pain. One is not an option, does anyone know of any exercises, therapy that we can give him to ease the pain or heal it?

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Has this dogs' hips been x-rayed? Boerboels will hop as pups and yours is still a puppy. Most north american and european vets are not familiar with the breed enough to know all the quirks of the breed. Feed him a low protein diet, slow his growth down and keep him lean. He will not mature until 2-21/2 years old. Do not put the dog down or have surgury unless you have absolute proof of a hip joint (x-ray/MRI) issue. Mine hopped up til about a year old but stopped once he developed the musclcular build of the breed.

our 1 year old also hops, i don't think there is anything wrong. Your dog is just being playful.

I actually did have him x-rayed. He now also have problems with his back legs, he sometimes mounes of pain and the back legs also sometimes shivers while he is lying down. We have put his bowl shoulder height to ease the tension on the front legs. We had him weighed at the vet and he now weighs 80kg! He is very muscular and a really big dog, but I'm very concerned about his rear, his hips and legs, you can sometimes see he want's to play, but it hurts and he'll moun because it hurts. Does anyone maybe know of exercises we can do to help him and to ease the pain. Maybe any specific diet he should be following, anything, at this stage we will take any advice. Thanks for all the responses so far, we really appreciate it.

This sounds rather familiar to me. Many years ago I raised a Rotti pup , who grew exceedingly heavy , very quickly . Being a first timer , I thought that such a huge growth rate was a good sign and proceeded to feed her large amounts of hi protein food and calcium supplements , only to find that she began to lock up in both shoulders and hips, my vet ( a very sensible bloke) suggested I cease the calcium supplements immediately and cut down on the food , feeding her fresh bones and swimming her regularly. She lived a very long and active life, without any problems till very late in life. Good luck , hope this is useful to you.

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