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I plan on purchasing a Boerboel puppy for a family dog, but also for protection at night. I just need to know what kind of training they need to be more sociable. I also have a 6yr old with a lot of little friends that come and go, should I be worried with the children and is it only when we are not home that the dogs are more protective? I need help deciding if this breed is right for our family. I dont want to be sued for our dog bitting a child.

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If your 6yr old friends come over all the time you couldnt ask for a better social exercise. Nothing is better then your puppy being around childern to help make sure your puppy will always be comfortable around all childern.

I have a 4 yr old Boerboel and she prefers kids to adults, even strange kids. We socialized her early with other dogs and kids and she does great with both. She has more problems with strange adults. She is protective around me when we see them. They are great family dogs!

Your Boerboel will be well accustomed to kids in this situation, just make sure the visiting children are gentle with the puppy.

Our female is 15 months old, her protective instincts began at roughly a year. Before we had her spayed at 13 months, she went to daycare to keep her occupied while we were at work. it helped socialize her and we still have our furniture. She knows the difference with other dogs being aggressive, she loves daycare. Sounds prissy but the all day walking with her other pack has cut down tremendously with boredom, destruction of property. She goes 1-2 x week. I've seen her detect a threar toward her, but quickly return to calm after it is gone. Constant training is crucial. This breed is VERY strong yet really smart so control is crucial. Good Luck

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