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im getting two boerboel puppies at the same time from the same litter and both are males. Someone told me this would be a problem and they would end up fighting one another when they got this true?

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If you sociaize them correctly,you wont have a problem with them.

if you socialize them properly you be alright but they probably wil fight when they grow up. It would be wiser to get a boy and a girl. or just one

they will fight but probally nothing serious probally just play until one proves its more domminant d

it depends on your dominance level and the line you get your dogs from. if you are dominant (not aggressive or mean etc) then they will follow your lead. also, some lines are just prone to be dog aggressive while others are hit and miss. my mentor has a female boerboel that was extremely dog aggressive as a pup. she was to the point of trying to attack not only her litter mates but her mother as well. now, she is good with other dog provided she is introduced properly. also, if one of your males is submissive, that can help as well, but that's not quite a desirable boerboel characteristic.

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