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(Chodsky Pes, Chodenhund) The Bohemian Shepherd is a medium-sized shepherd with a body that is just longer than it is tall. Their build is compact, sturdy, and well-proportioned for an overall look of harmony. Their pointed ears are erect, high-set, and small in size, and their neckline is elegant, extended, and marked with long, lush fur. The vast majority of Bohemian Shepherd puppies look almost identical. As the puppies reach the age of about 6 months, their coat colors change. The breed has a long, rich double coat that allows them to withstand fluctuations in weather conditions. Most Bohemian Shepherds have furry, fluffy coats. Some have medium-length coats. The only acceptable coat color for this breed is black & tan.

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The Bohemian Shepherd is an excellent choice for active people. They are extremely smart and possess great drive and high energy. They are quick to learn and can be easily trained. They perform well at agility, rescuing, and service training. They aren’t aggressive and they are patient, understanding, and good with children, dogs, and other pets. This breed is often used as a working dog for handicapped persons. They also make great watch dogs. Because of good breeding, the Bohemian Shepherd possesses a great temperament that is free from unstable, nervous, or aggressive behavior. They have a number of natural talents like sledding, guiding, rescue work, and herding. They require good training so that these abilities can be brought forth.

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19 – 22 inches
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35 – 55 pounds
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General Health


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Throughout the Czech Republic, the Bohemian Shepherd has existed since the 1300’s. This dog has been professionally bred since the 1500’s, and many believe that it is an ancestor of the German Shepherd. A modern breeding program began for the Bohemian Shepherd in 1984 in the Czech Republic. There are now numerous breeders for this dog. The Bohemian Shepherd is not a Czechoslovakian dog, but it is a Czech dog. The Czech and Slovak Republics didn’t merge with one another until the onset of the 20th century, and they have since re-separated. While the Bohemian Shepherd was initially utilized to guard frontiers, they are now used as herding dogs and watchdogs.

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Even though the coat of the Bohemian Shepherd is long in length, it is very easy to groom and maintain. They are seasonal heavy shedders.

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Ideal Environment

The Bohemian Shepherd enjoys a large amount of daily exercise. Because of their high intelligence and propensity to crave a challenge, this breed is happiest with an exercise routine that combines training and strenuous activity. The Bohemian Shepherd is content to live outdoors or indoors, but they need consistent human contact and affections. They are people-oriented and aren’t content to live in a kennel.

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Hi - I can't find a breeder anywhere on the web...any suggestions? Thanks

They are not bred in the USA. Very difficult to purchase abroad. Breeders in CR are reluctant to let them out of the country.awesome dogs. The second smartest dog in the world after Border Collie.

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