Photo hey my border collie has been itching her belly alot and i checked for fleas but she doesnt have any

since border collies are bred in such great multitudes the breed may have inherited some problems form the over excesive breeding. for instance, some have become allergic to some varieties of grasses.

Photo I want know if i can use the Borer Collie for hunting?

No. Generally these dogs are used for herding. But obviously you could. Use a hunting breed like a Lab or a goldie retriever instead. Buy a border collie for herding sheep instead.

Photo Me and my sister really want to get a border collie, we live in a fairly big house but we have hardl

if you have done your research,then you know that border collies need plenty of exercise as they are bred for sheep hurding.but if your that close to the beach and you take the dog out morning and eve

Photo Our Border Collie's eyes (he is hallf Americam Eskimo) do not reflect light at night as our Labrador

Dogs have what is known as a reflecting tapetum located behind the retina in the eyes which captures light and reflects it back at the retina giving the eyes a second chance to capture any available l

Photo Are the long haired variety soft to the touch to stroke, assuming dog is properly groomed? Personal

I have a Border Collie, and he is so soft, even when he gets dirty.

Photo Do all border collies have really long fur? Not counting the smooth-coat collies. My mum doesn't wan

For the most part, yes. They have a thick undercoat and then long wavey and eventually shaggy overcoat (by dead of winter). But it can be trimmed down to the undercoat for a "summer haircut&quo

Photo What kind of jobs/task can I give my Boarder Collie during the day to make him happier?

If you are outdoors with him, that should be enough to keep him happy, provided he is not on a lead. They love to run around exploring. For the indoor times, I find a large variety of toys is needed r

Photo I would like to know when border collies typically come into heat the first time and time between cy

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