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(Boston Bull, Boston Bull Terrier) The Boston Terrier is a compact, stout, well-muscled mastiff breed. Their distinctive face features a short, broad muzzle and a pair of large, round, far-set eyes that are dark in color. Their ears are short and stand erect, and their nose is large and black in color. The Boston Terrier’s head is wide and flat, and the neck is slightly arched. The breed’s chest is proportionately broad, and the limbs are straight, sturdy, and well-muscled. The coat of the Boston Terrier is glossy, short-haired, and fine in texture. It exists in a number of colors including brindle & white, black & white, or brown & white.

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Official colors are brindle with white and black with white. Other colors aren't officially recognized by the AKC.

The AKC also recognizes these additional colors, red and white, chocolate and white, black and white, brindle and white, seal and white, fawn and white, cream and white, and honey and white. Also, not all Boston Terrier noses are black. Some are also red and brown. The AKC does not consider all of these colors show worthy but still recognizes the genes.

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Originally, the Boston Terrier was bred to participate in dog fights. Since that time, the vast majority of the breed’s aggressive tendencies have been eliminated. The contemporary Boston Terrier is friendly, alert, and good-natured. They are full of character, energy, and enthusiasm, and they are highly intelligent and well-mannered. Because they are perceptive and sensitive to a person’s tone of voice, they like to learn and are a comparatively easy breed to train. They are independent and free-willed in certain situations. Boston Terriers only bark if they sense a threat, and for this reason, they make good watchdogs. They are very good with children, elderly people, and they are social with strangers. They like to feel like part of the family. Some male Boston Terriers may be dominant towards other male dogs. They get along with non-canine pets.

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15 – 17 inches
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10 – 25 pounds
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General Health

Because of their squat muzzle and short face, the Boston Terrier is susceptible to breathing problems in extreme weather conditions. This breed can become overheated if they are overly exerted or pushed too hard by their owner(s). This breed is likely to drool and snore. Boston Terrier puppies are often delivered by cesarean section because of their large-sized head. Their prominent eyes increase the likelihood for eye injuries. Some lines of this breed are especially prone to heart and skin tumors. Poorly bred Boston Terriers are susceptible to a bone defect in the skull that stunts brain growth and causes retardation. This breed typically lives for 15 or more years. They average 3 to 4 puppies per litter.

Because of the fast way this breed consumes food, it may tend to have a flatulence issue.

This breed is known to have seizures.

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The Boston Terrier was originally bred in the United States for the purpose of participating in dog fights. The breed used to be much larger in size (up to 45 pounds). Original Boston Terriers were a cross between the English Bulldog and the English White Terrier (now extinct). In the mid-to-late 1800’s, coachmen employed by the wealthy people of Boston began to breed these dogs. Because of their profession, the coachmen had access to many of the fine specimens their wealthy employers owned. One of the English White Terrier and English Bulldog crosses led to the creation of a dog named “Hooper’s Judge”. Hooper’s Judge was bred down in size with a smaller female, and this process continued for two more litters. This offspring, interbred with one or more French Bulldogs, led to the creation of the foundation for the Boston Terrier. By 1889, the breed had become popular in the Boston area, and purveyors of this breed formed the American Bull Terrier Club. The Boston Terrier was given its name several years later, and was officially recognized by the AKC in 1893. Throughout the 20th century, a stronger emphasis was placed on physical appearance, coat color, and markings.

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The glossy, short-haired coat of the Boston Terrier is easy to groom and care for. Regular brushing with a firm bristle brush and bathing only as necessary are sufficient methods of upkeep. The face and eyes of this breed should be wiped with a clean, moist cloth on a daily basis. Ears and eyes should be regularly checked. Nails should be kept trimmed. The Boston Terrier is an average shedder.

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Ideal Environment

The Boston Terrier can live happily in a small household or apartment. They are comparatively inactive indoors and are content to live without a yard. They are sensitive to extreme climate fluctuations. Boston Terriers enjoy going for short, brisk walks and playing in fenced-in areas.

Although small, Boston terriers are high-energy dogs that love to run and play. They are happy to be a lap dog as well. Bostons should have a yard and a long walk or run-every day to keep healthy and happy. Most of all they just enjoy spending time with their owners.

Due to shortened snouts they do not fair well in extreme weather. They will push themselves beyond their limit and may become overheated.

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Boston Terrier Q&A

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I have a Boston Terrier that is approx. 6 yrs. old. I have had him about 2 yrs. He has just started for the first time since I have had him lossing hair. He constantly is scratching and knawing until he has himself sore and bleeding. I hink he may have some skin allergies. I'm just not sure. He has sores and big knots where he has scratched his hair off. Please give me so idea what it is and how to handle w/out going to the vet. I don't have the money to take him.

It could be any number of things causing the skin irritation… The cheapest way to handle this is to figure out if anything involving the dog has changed. (Changed Shampoo, Food, New Surroundings, New Toys) The cheapest way to handle it is to put him on


Why is my boston terriers nose not wet or cold? Is there something wrong with him?

My girl's nose is rarely wet or cold. Just moist and room temp.


I have a 3 month old boston terrier, and have been trying to get him to walk on the leash. He absolutly refuses, dragging his feet, whining, screaming...I even try to get him to come when I have a treat for him, he just sits and stares at me. I could use some ideas on how to get him to!

Mine does this too, but he is only 10 weeks. He is getting better with it, but it's a slow process. What I started to do is from day one, I got him a harness. He is in the harness all day long and I take it off at night. Step two is start to incorporate the leash part. Let him run around loose with it for a couple hours at home. After that, at least my pup is really good about having to go potty outside so every time i put the leash on him and just let him lead and get use to me holding it. This morning I finally got him to walk on the leash to the car. He usually wont walk more than 5 feet, but it's a start. Each time he starts to walk, just praise him and keep treats with you.


I have a 10 week old puppy and he is pretty calm for the most part, but today was his first day at work with me and he played for a little bit, but he mainly slept most of the day he's been asleep for the better part of the end of the day too. He played a little bit for an hour and a half maybe but he unleashed on the cats lol. How much should he be sleeping all day? He's been sleeping quite at bit at home, but he plays a lot when he wakes up. Will this change when he starts to get more used to my office? I assumed he probably was more calm than usual because it was nice and toasty in there and whenever it's warm, he just passes out. It's usually freezing in our apartment when he's out and about. Thanks for any feedback!

I've had BTs for 30 years, they can play hard and sleep hard. I wouldn't be too concerned about their sleeping after all he's a growing boy. Soon, he won't slow down until he reaches 2 years old. It sounds like he's a comfortable chap. They are quick learners and so easy to train. They love to please. I just wish I coule take mine too work. I'll just settle for a couple pictures and a statue or two.


I have a 10 week old Boston terrier puppy his name is Rufus he is a cute sensitive funny little pup.I was wondering how big he would become? He is very small at the moment. I have seen his mother but never seen the father of this puppy is that a good reference as to his adult size. His mother is about 18 pounds.

If the mother was 18 pounds I'd be sure he will grow from 10-20 pounds. No bigger. Height-wise would be from 10-15 inches tall.


I just got a 17 week old puppy last week. Her ears roll back, one more then the other, will they stand up by them selves or should I try tapeing them?

you need to rub them up! get them between your thumb and index finger and Gently pull them up. Do this as often as possible, they should start standing up on there own. That was a concern we had with our first baby we talked to the breeder and that's what she told us to do.. we did and it worked good luck... Just a word: a dog is a dog but a Boston is Family. We have two, Baxter a rescued black/white and a red/white female Anney.


I just got my son a 14 week old puppy. His toes seem to be spread apart. Is that normal for this breed or anything I should be concerned about? Other than that, we are thrilled and he has been so much fun.

It's perfectly normal. Other than that, enjoy your new pup and have fun:)


I got a female boston 1 year old about 2 month ago after getting her spaded she started lossing her hair behind her ears and behind her hind legs. What should i do and how can I make the hair grow back vitamin or change dog food?

Try feeding her lots of poultry and meats for the hair to grow back. If she feels depressed, sooth her and say she's a good girl. Oh, and remember lots of treats and play!


I have a one year old BT and she has a habit of eating her own feces. Whether she goes inside or out, she will sample the stool. She is healthy, well fed, and gets plenty of activity in a fenced in yard. Any ideas on how to stop her bad habit?

mine did this to so I asked my mom (rescues animals for a living) she said its called coprophagia. They make medicine for it.


I have a 3 1/2 months old Boston Terrier. When I bought him, I made sure to see the parents papers. Everything seemed normal and they look like all the pictures I see of BT. Mind only has a black spot around one eye and now he's black fur is turning kinda reddish. Is it normal? And are they hard headed dogs or is my dog deaf? I call is name shake his bag of food and he doesn't even move.

Yes it is completely normal for the brindle coloring to appear later on. Both of my BT's have just a little bit of brindle to them and it didnt show until around 3 months. You should take your dog to the vet to see if he is deaf or hard of hearing. Have you ever tried sneaking up on him ... normally they wont allow it but if he is deaf then he wouldnt be able to hear you comming ... ?

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