Photo I have a Boston Terrier that is approx. 6 yrs. old. I have had him about 2 yrs. He has just starte

It could be any number of things causing the skin irritation… The cheapest way to handle this is to figure out if anything involving the dog has changed. (Changed Shampoo, Food, New Surroundings,

Photo Why is my boston terriers nose not wet or cold? Is there something wrong with him?

My girl's nose is rarely wet or cold. Just moist and room temp.

Photo I have a 3 month old boston terrier, and have been trying to get him to walk on the leash. He absolu

Mine does this too, but he is only 10 weeks. He is getting better with it, but it's a slow process. What I started to do is from day one, I got him a harness. He is in the harness all day long and I t

Photo I have a 10 week old puppy and he is pretty calm for the most part, but today was his first day at w

I've had BTs for 30 years, they can play hard and sleep hard. I wouldn't be too concerned about their sleeping after all he's a growing boy. Soon, he won't slow down until he reaches 2 years old. It

Photo I have a 10 week old Boston terrier puppy his name is Rufus he is a cute sensitive funny little pup.

If the mother was 18 pounds I'd be sure he will grow from 10-20 pounds. No bigger. Height-wise would be from 10-15 inches tall.

Photo I just got a 17 week old puppy last week. Her ears roll back, one more then the other, will they st

you need to rub them up! get them between your thumb and index finger and Gently pull them up. Do this as often as possible, they should start standing up on there own. That was a concern we had with

Photo I just got my son a 14 week old puppy. His toes seem to be spread apart. Is that normal for this b

It's perfectly normal. Other than that, enjoy your new pup and have fun:)

Photo I got a female boston 1 year old about 2 month ago after getting her spaded she started lossing her

Try feeding her lots of poultry and meats for the hair to grow back. If she feels depressed, sooth her and say she's a good girl. Oh, and remember lots of treats and play!

Photo I have a one year old BT and she has a habit of eating her own feces. Whether she goes inside or ou

mine did this to so I asked my mom (rescues animals for a living) she said its called coprophagia. They make medicine for it.

Photo I have a 3 1/2 months old Boston Terrier. When I bought him, I made sure to see the parents papers.

Yes it is completely normal for the brindle coloring to appear later on. Both of my BT's have just a little bit of brindle to them and it didnt show until around 3 months. You should take your dog to

Photo We have just had our first litter of Bostons. All of their muzzles are white, including their noses.

Most Boston Babies are born with Pink noses , this is normal.You will notice black freckels over the next few days with more and more each day , this is the pigments that turn the nose black. There ar

Photo My little boston has white on one of her ears, is that bad or considered good?

neither! its nothing special just like one of my bt legs are white and the rest asr black. it just makes your dog unique :D

Photo I have a tiny Boston Terrier who is 16 weeks old and only weighs 6.4 lbs. I knew she was smaller th

Just to give you some kind of comparison, My 13 wk Boston female weighs exactly 8lbs. I recently visited the breeder that I purchased her from, She still have 2 of my pups litter mates. One was very m

Photo I have a boston that is 11 months old. He is the 4th one that I've had. I love him lots, although

Two things to try: 1) Have your guests come in with small treats from time to time. This will show him that most intruders are okay to enter his territory. 2) Work on a word or saying to let yo

Photo My 5 month old BT puppy has just gotten two growths as it seems, on the back of each leg. They're ab

Mine is 6 yrs. 2 yrs ago had a lump size of a nickel on back leg knee. Vet said cancer wanted to remove leg. Vet said take it off. I said no way. Just took tumor off. She did 2 yrs now and it came

Photo I have a 10 week old Boston Terrier Puppy who has a protruding sternum/breastbone. The vet says he'

I used to breed and show Oriental Shorthair cats, and it occurred occasionally in the breed. Not a health concern, but they were disqualified from showing, and discouraged from breeding.

Photo I just got a 10 week old boston and i find his teeth look funny .they are very small barely throught

Puppy teeth are very sharp and needle-like. This is nothing unusual. After about 5 months you will notice they fall out and are replaced by adult teeth (much more dull). Don't be afraid of him swal

Photo My little male who is about 4 months seems to have blood shot eyes is this normal

My vet said this a natural thing for this breed. Mine has same problem and he says it's just part of the pigment in their eyes. It has no effect on mine and I have had him for 4 yrs.

Photo ok so i am very interested in getting a boston terrior however i recently saw a dog that was very si

I have had my Boston for almost 4 yrs now and have had no major problems with him. The only problem is that he gets his side nails torn easy. Greatest dog i've ever had and would recommend this breed

Photo My 4 month old BT's neck and chest is always bright red (flushed), why is that. She also has a cold
Photo I have a Boston Terrier with swollen ears. One of them has significantly just today shown up with a
Photo Is it true that Bostons are bred with a short tail which looks like it is docked but actually isnt?

That's natural to the breed. They should NEVER be docked!

Photo My boston terriers ears look like someone has took scissors and put cuts in her ears. it started a f

it could be some type of mange this causes dogs to lose there hair alot take them to a vet right away

Photo My parents had a Boston Bull when I was young, but he was much larger than today's BT, about 40-45 l

They're still avaiible, check a local rescue!

Photo Are male boston much stockier than females?

Yes.Male Boston terriers are more stockier than the female ones.I had one male and two female.I observed three of them and the male one was quiet stockier than the females. Hope this helps :) -Sreemo

Photo One of my 8 months bt ear doesn't stand up anymore. It used to. is it due to teething?
Photo I have a 7 year old boston that has developed black spots in his eyes close to the retina but not co
Photo I have a 5 month old BT and in the last 3 weeks, part of his chest, neck and inside of his legs turn

I have a 4 year old boston and he has the same skin irritation so here is my secret, olive oil mixed in with his food and within a week it is better, I only find that he gets it in the winter months w

Photo Are the ears of a BT clipped? Do they all stand up or can you find one with droopier ears?

No the Boston's ears are not clipped. No, you can not find a purebred Boston with droopy ears, only if they are a mixed breed.

Photo We have a 7 month his is stil very pink around his mouth and nose. It has a healthy look , it is a l
Photo I just purchased a Boston Terrier, he's 3 months old. And i'm not sure how much I should be feeding
Photo I have a Boston Terrier Female-Spayed, 7 months old has obedience training-LOVES Everybody, people,
Photo We just purchased a Boston Terrier puppy, female, that is 8 weeks old. While my husband was playing

She is not neurotic...she is a Boston puppy, they love to play and everyting is a game. Be persistent with your 'NO's' and encourage her to play with little doggy ropes to chew on instead of your hus

Photo I have a 4 month Boston Terrier. When I first got him, at 2 months, his nose was mainly pink with sp
Photo I have a 9yr old female. She is in good health and is about 12 lbs. She has always had a beautiful s

well i think you should tkae her to the doctors]


he has fees

Photo I have just noticed that my Boston has developed a pouch like area on his throat/chin area. Does not
Photo when my boston terrier goes outside in colder weather her back leg gose up for a while then she puts

My dog does the same thing what I was told was that the knee pops out of joint and by them lifting it up is them trying to pop it back in. You can have an operation to fix the problem as I did but she

Photo My 3 yr old boston terrier and I would go walking in the parks everyday and anxtiously loved it. Sud

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