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Are getting a boxers ears croped still in the norm?? I had a boxer as a kid and we had her ears croped but I notice alot of boxer owners are not doing this anymore.

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i have a boxer pup and we are not cutting the ears, none of the other pups had their ears cut either, and nor the parents.

we cut our show boxers ears as a kid also but now it not the norm most think it mean and IT DOES HURT the tape and cupping takes weeks to make them stand if you dont show dont cut.

My boxer's ear are cropped, but I would never put another animal through that again!

well it puts the boxer through a life time of pain and i won't ever allow my dogs to go through that ever..

After about 35yrs. I find that it is either or and my 13yr olds never had a problem with their cropped ears. Now any ear you must keep cleaned and protected from injury. It is my opinion as a breeder of quality boxers of good health and longevity, that ears cropped/uncroppped is just a matter of preference. If done correctly ears and tails normally have no pain past the initial healing.

When the AKC finally comes to their senses they, like nearly ever other country in the world, will make cropped ears and docked tails against regulations. Both are inhumane practices and serve no vital purpose.

Why in the world would you want to crop your boxer's ears? Any cut does pain no matter what anyone says!!!

No, it's not the norm. The reasons for cropping no longer exist. It's a matter of personal preference these days. None of mine have been cropped and I love the way they look. Some people like the cropped look.

ya it just cost money but with them not croped they look cute and with them croped they look big , powerful , and in charge so ethier way they look good to me

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