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I was told by the SPCA that breeding with my 5 year old boxer female is too old. Is that correct?

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no it's just dapends on wether or not she is healthy

Any breeding should be well planned. Vet checks should be done, exrays on hips, etc should all be considered to breed healthy dogs. Also, consider that there are alot of dogs in this world euthanized every day, do we really need more?

breeding boxers is harder then you think. many have a hard time delivering. you need to find a male thats not to big for your female complications from c section are common and bottle feeding a litter isnot easy evey 2-3 hours around the clock 2 weeksis alot of workleaveit to breeders

They only tell you that because that's how they get lots of puppies in there. breeding

I had a 6 year old boxer deliver a litter of 6 very big and healthy puppies. She had 2 litters after that. The 2nd litter: 1 stillborn and 5 smaller puppies. 3 time: only 4 puppies and a hard delivery. I have a 3 year old had 7 pups last friday and right now 1 week later I have 2 living and and I had to bottle feed the litter since they were 2 days old.

yes it is correct you do not want to do that because there is a 90/100 chance that she will die if u breed her

You should only beed your boxer if its a show boxer, once it has recieved a Champion title it is only then worthy for breeding.

I would not suggest breeding her. In my opinion I feel that only certain oustanding dogs should be bred. But if you adament of breeding make sure you talk to a vet to get all the facts. This is not like human birth you have to take care of four or five pups and loss of sleep. Read up on it.

Okay, I HATE one of the responses here that says you should only breed if it is a "show dog". I believe show dog owners need to take a step back and look at the problems they are causing with the health of dogs just for the sake of appearances! In a perfect world vets would get together and figure out the healthiest traits of certain breeds and then breed accordingly. Enough of people thinking dogs are an accessory like a handbag!

Has she had puppies before? If not I would not breed her for the first time at 5.

possibly they are experts i would take her to the its regular vet and ask him/her

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