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Me and my partner are desperate for a boxer, its the only dog we have ever wanted and would love one!!! the only thing that stops us is the fact it would be left at home for about 5 hours, 4 days a week. would this be a big problem and should it prevent us from getting one? If so what other dog could be recomended.

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Boxers do tend to get rowdy if left alone but if you exercise the dog well then he will probably fall asleep while you are away. Also introduce the dog early to chew toys it will help him/her relax.

We have two boxers right now and we are currently looking into getting another. We also had two other female boxers who saddly passed away and are hugely missed. One died of old age and the other, we think may have gotten into something toxic, we are suspecting anti freeze. It has been our experience that it is best to crate young boxers while you are away from the house. They are very high energy dogs and hate to be away from their people and tend to tear up the house and furniture when left alone. As a rule, they are ok to stay in the crate for one hour/one month of age. As our boxers matured they became more secure and better behaved in the house and were no longer required to stay in the kennel or crate. But we usually would leave it available to them with the door open so they could use it as a safe and quiet place to sleep, that they used on their own.

I have three boxers and first i was keeping them on my back porch but then my 1 year old decided to eat part of my hot tub. so now i have a big out door kennel in my back yard and it has a tarp over it to keep out rain and wind. they will lay in it for hours. just make sure they can't find a way to dig out of it [ i know from experience that it can be devestating to your grass:)].

You have a great schedule for a dog! It should not stop you at all. Most people are gone for 8-10 hours a day. The only thing would be if you get a young puppy, maybe someone could let it out for you during the housebreaking stage if it is 4 months old or less. Make sure you crate train and the general rule is age in months + 1 for how long a pup can hold it before needing to go out. Get a good book - boxers are awesome- go for it!

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