Photo We are thinking of getting a friend for our 2 1/2 year old female non-dominant boxer. What breeds,

I got my 2 year old boxer a Boston Terrier. It was love at first sight. My boxer is very loving, and although the little terrier is a lightning bold, she amuses the boxer no end and they spend a gre

Photo I was told by the SPCA that breeding with my 5 year old boxer female is too old. Is that correct?

no it's just dapends on wether or not she is healthy

Photo Are getting a boxers ears croped still in the norm?? I had a boxer as a kid and we had her ears crop

i have a boxer pup and we are not cutting the ears, none of the other pups had their ears cut either, and nor the parents.

Photo I have a neutered male boxer and I was curious to know if it would be wise to get a puppy that is al

it's usually best to get the opposite breed. but if you're interested in getting the same breed, make sure you introduce them in a neutral area before buying the puppy to make sure they get along.

Photo I am fostering a 1 year old boxer, she is very well behaved but I do know she was left abandoned for

You can still see my three year old female's ribs. Seeing the spine isn't good. Because they are naturally so lean, I was told to stand them up and if you can see a little belly, then they are okay.

Photo our boxer has a tumor in his mouth, on his gum, it has to be surgically removed, i was wandering if

According to my vet, whom I trust, and my own experience with two of my boxers, the answer is 'yes, fairly common', and very easy to treat with minor surgery. Be aware, however, that the condition wil

Photo Me and my partner are desperate for a boxer, its the only dog we have ever wanted and would love one

Boxers do tend to get rowdy if left alone but if you exercise the dog well then he will probably fall asleep while you are away. Also introduce the dog early to chew toys it will help him/her relax.


Just watch her diet and dont put her in cold climates. i wouldnt deworm her or give her any medication without asking your vet first.

Photo What tempature is too cold for a boxer?

60 degrees -50 degrees

Photo If the mother Boxer has red mange can the puppies catch it? I was told that the male puppies couldnt
Photo how old is to old to cut the ears on a boxer?

Any time after 12-14 weeks is too long. If you wait longer than this the cartilage in the ear has already formed and the ear will most likely fold over. I would recommend cropping the ears at 8-10 wee

Photo I have a 10 yr old daughter and a baby on the way. My wife thinks a boxer is to big and to rough for

The boxer is the only breed I would trust with an infant (of course you never want to completely trust any dog with an infant). Boxers seem to be very aware of their size in relation to small children

Photo Is this breed OK being left alone for 8 hrs if exercised? I'm a teacher and gone from 7am-4pm?

yes.. i have 2 boxers and i leave both in my house while i'm at work for 8+ hrs. if you get a young boxer, you will want to crate it first because it will chew up everything if left alone for an exten

Photo i have only 27 days old boxer dog.Idont know how to feed in this small age.Please sugest me how to

get a bottle and some special milk for dogs and just feed it but make sure the milk is warm and feed it every hour

Photo I am considering getting a Boxer pup. I live on a lake in central New York and definately want a do

My boxer absolutely hates any kind of water unless he's licking it out of a bowl. He hates the bathtub or petwash. When getting him anywhere near the lake he will put on the breaks and it's sheer tor

Photo Is it natural for a female boxer to drop weight rapidly after giving birth?


Photo After researching a lot of breeds, I really want a Boxer. We currently have a 7 year old non-domina

I had a female boxer then was given a chocolate lab a year later even though there was 1 year age difference this was a very bad situation. They started fighting a couple times and just about killed e

Photo I am 7months pregnant and own a white female boxer who just made 1y. I have had her since she was si

I got my boxer when i was pregnant and he completly loves him to death. He watches my son and if hes into something or crys he comes to get me. Boxers LOVE kids! Theyre the best dog for kids. I have 2

Photo I have a 16 month old female and looking to get a 16 month old male both boxers how should I intoduc
Photo My female boxer is almost 8 months old and I beleive she is about to go into heat. We do not want to

they dont recommend you breed your boxer female until she reaches full maturity which is about 2 and a half years old. hope this helps

Photo I have a 2 year old white female box and a 3 year old female Bichon and they are the best of friends
Photo My Female Boxer is 8 going on 9 years old, I moved into a larger house and I don't want her getting

We had the exact situation. We own a female who at the time was 7 when we inherited our male who was 2 when we got him. We found him to be much more stubborn and crazy then our female ever was. He

Photo Does anyone know what the back length measurements (base of neck to tail) would be for a 2 month ol

My 81/2 week old male measures 12 inches so I would go for the larger size.

Photo i have a 7mnt old boxer and lately his eyes have been really red and droopy with a little bit or cle

My boxer is about 4 months now and she has the same problem. You can't really tell if it bothers her but, they've told me it natural.

Photo How well do boxers adapt to being home alone during the days?

Any dog can adapt to being alone at home. The crate or kennel can greatly help in this. Make sure you are properly training them for the kennel and not just throwing them in there and walking out.

Photo my boxer has just given birth 2days ago and is not eating. She is just drinking loads of water. Is t

no that isnt normal she needs to have nutriton to nurse the puppies she should be taken to the vet asap

Photo my female boxer scratches constantly and has leather like patches all over any treatment ideas apart

Not sure how old this post is but our boxer had the same thing. The technical term is Season Flank Alopecia (?). It happens most in the fall when the days are shorter, it is a lack of sunlight. We

Photo have you ever heard of a green eyed boxer?

boxers dont usually have green eyes unless have been the second or third generation of a mixed breed unexpectedly inpregnated

Photo Hi I am looking at a possibility of getting a boxer. I would be able to take it for a walk in the m

Can you or someone else let her out at lunch? Crate training would also be a good idea. I have a two year old Boxer and I work 8-5 and as long as she is let at lunch everyday and I have never had any

Photo why does my boxer's eyes always look bloodshot?

Could be allergies, some boxer lines are prone to allergies, could be from dust,smoking,dirt particles,pollens,food or even carpet in your home. Ask your vet about giving your boxer an antihistamine.

Photo 9 week old boxer puppy looks to be too skinny but we feed him as directed by Purina Pro Plan. What w

Stop feeding him Purina or any of the other junk dog foods, even science diet is bad. Buy wellness instead or solid gold. Read the labels and avoid foods that contain grains and meat by-products. Dogs

Photo My 6 year old boxer has lost her bottom front teeth. Is this normal? She was not ill or in pain or

Boxers gums grow over the teeth. My boxer is 9 and the vet was very surprised that it had not happened to her by this age. M

Photo Our boxer has developed what looks like black mold on his stomach and black skin patches. Any advic

My poodle developed the same thing and I asked the vet she said that it was just the pigmentation. Kind of like wnat they call pregnancy mask in women. Mine was related to her allergies. Nothing to

Photo My boxer seems really sad and dosen't have energy to do anything. We have taken her o the vets and s

Absolutely Boxer can and do get depressed! Nothing can look more pathetic then the droopy eyes of a sad Boxer. You are to be commended for checking with your Vet. first before asking here! Boxers are

Photo Do boxers have a good memory, going to visit my son who moved in November, will his dog (my favorite

Yes, Boxers have a good memory. My girl only gets to see her 'grandma and grandpa' every 6 months or so. It's an explosion of happiness whenever my parents come to visit, she also expects, and looks

Photo Has anyone ever heard of a black boxer? I honestly do not believe in black boxers(with or w/o white

A pure bread boxer does not carry the gene required to produce a pure black coat.

Photo I just got a three month old boxer and noticed that the backs of her hind legs above the knee are ha

Could it possibly be mange mites? I just went through this with my 9 month old boxer. Worth checking into.

Photo I have an 8 week old male boxer. I work from 8:30-5:30 during the week, have been leaving him in th

Boxer puppies will do this from time to time depending on the animal. Don't worry though, the crying will wear off after some time. I don't recommend that you let the puppy roam in a pen until suffici

Photo Will putting my 8 week old boxer in an excercise pen in the kitchen while i am at work ruin and pott

it seems to me that you are doing the right things with your boxer by coming home and playing with him for 45 minutes and your roomate taking him out as well. Boxers are very clean and will not "

Photo 1 yr and 9 month old boxer keeps destroying my plants. I walk him 3 times a week and take him to the

The first thing I would say is that he is bored..walking him three times a week!! did you mean three times a day? They have lots of energy. Take him on longer walks and wear him out, take a ball or a

Photo My 8 week old boxer seems to have Puppy A.D.D while eating. I feed him 4 times a day, but all 4 may

I would try adding something to the food, not neccesarily switching it but add something like a "vita-gravy" to the food to make it more appealing, he may get bored of it after a little bit

Photo I have a 5 month old male boxer who is awesome!. I have decided to keep his ears natural. However,

Start playing with his ears, it breaks down the cartilage. Kinda like when your not suppose to play with their ears when they get docked. Me and Rusty (my 3yr old puppy) sit on the couch and watch a m

Photo my two year old boxer girl loves to sit on our old golden's head shen we first got her he was the on
Photo my 2 yr old male boxer has always slept in our bed or on the sofa in our bedroom. now he refuses,eit
Photo My boxer sheds alot is this a seasonal thing.

Most dogs, apart from Poodles and a few other breeds moult and shed hair once or twice a year, you should brush regularly and give a feed that supports loss of hair during this time, my Boxer is curre

Photo My boxer is 3. she is small and I cage her when going out. She hates her cage and will tear up any

I personally find this cage thing cruel and there is no need to do it to dogs if they are trained properly..leave the house for short periods of time, even if you stand outside the entrance door for a

Photo Do all boxers have gas problems?? Mine can fart and clear a room!!

both of my boxers have gas i think that it is just a boxer thing mine do it and then look around as if to say who did that!!!

Photo what are symptons for epilepsy on 1 yr.old female boxer?
Photo i have a 9 month old female brindle boxer, the thing is people keep making comments that she is a pi

I had the same problem not too long ago. We got the cutest Boxer (well I thought) from a breeder. She was brindle with white markings. The older she got the longer her nose got. Over a few weeks she s

Photo I have a 3yr old male boxer that needs to be inches away from my face and attention 24-7 why and wh
Photo My boxer just had her puppies this morning. She drinks water, but we have to take it to her. We brou

Yes just give her time. Start feeding her puppy food again. It has the proper nutrients for the puppies while they drink her milk.

Photo HELP - recently my 2 yr old male oxer started vomiting, and has become more dominant and aggresive t
Photo My 9 month old boxer sheds alot i live in Abq N.M. dry climate you recomended brushing regularly and

try ''oven-baked'' natural & holistic / has omega 3-6 and glucosesamine . // fish recipe //

Photo i just got a 7 week old boxer..and ive been doing some research on weather to cropp his ears or not.

don't do it. more & more boxer owners are leaning towards avoiding this surgery as it is painful and intense. plus, boxers look adorable with floppy ears!

Photo I have a 3 yr old female we rescued. What a great dog! This breed is awesome. 2 days ago she started

You really should decide as to whether to get her castrated or not, if you do not and just leave her as she is then you could get this behaivour occur each time she's about to come into season. She i

Photo Is there any truth that boxers that have companions who die are the most saddest breed of dogs that

Any dog that lives with it's owner for a number of years would be natually sad, they get over it. If a dog is given a loving home with lots of love and excercise they soon get through that sad part of

Photo I have a 5 month old female boxer and I gave her a rawhide flat chew and she started chocking. I cou

My boxer swallowed a rope when he was about 12 weeks. If it wasn't for the knot on the end, I would not have been able to get it out. He would have choked.

Photo We are looking into getting a boxer. The thing is that his tail has not been cut and he is about 6 -

He is too old to get his tail cut and anyway here in Europe it is against the law to do so. Boxer are still Boxers with or without their tails and if you can give one a good home you shouldn't bother

Photo I have a male boxer, one years old, and would like to get him a companion. What would be a good bre

We have a french bulldog that does very well with an older boxer (they are one year apart). They play when needed but when they get tired, they actually take their breaks. I think the boxer would ge

Photo We rescued a 10 month old female boxer. We have had her for 2 mo. and she is still peeing in the hou

Are you crate training her? This could help tremendously; keep to a regular schedule of eliminating, regular food & water, and crating overnight & for periods of time during the day.

Photo my 8 month old female boxer has become aggresive with my 2 yr old male boxer, she was fine when I go

She is a female and she will be the boss of the pack, let them work it out. You should ask your breeder, or do a search and ask any breeder, I know most breeders are more than happy to help.

Photo My boxer is 8 and I took her for a walk yesterday, nothing strenuous, just an easy pace. We got hom

Our 12 year old female boxer started with the same symptoms. The vet did blood work and prescribed meds for her thyroid. It made a huge improvement. However, her meds were reduced after a month and

Photo I have a 9 month old Labrador and my husband loves boxers one of my neighbors is giving a boxer pupp

Is your lab neutered? With any breed 2 male dogs will have issues. It is a dominance thing, but if you train them and let them know who is the dominant one in the household they should keep the fight

Photo when is the best time to breed a female boxer?

on the 2nd heat

Photo When I got a Boxer puppy a lot of people said that boxers are a dumb breed. Is this true? But he's a

boxers are very samba was very cunning , i think their puppie like playfulness is mistaken for stupidity

Photo I have a 6 month old boxer female that I got from some one that couldn't take of her. I've had her f

hi I have a boxer roughly 16 months. Early on( First couple of months) she looked almost starved however she was eating. some times she would be a fussey at eating however to get around this i used t

Photo my boxer is 6 months old & she always has mucus in her eyes what causes this?

Boxers are prone to allergies.. my boxer is allergic to grass.. his vet prescribed smallest dose of human benadryl as needed.. really gives relief fast..

Photo Is bringing a boxer a bad idea to bring on the beach? What happens when sand gets in their already d

I have taken my boxer on the beach many times and have not had a problem yet.. but i'm no expert

Photo Can boxers eat rib bones?

The best thing to do is to not give the dog bones that will splinter in its mouth

Photo I have a female Brindle boxer. She is really thin,and she eats a lot of grass. is this normal?

I would have a fecal check done at the vet's. Rounds, Whips, and some other intestional parasites' eggs will show up on a fecal float. Tapeworms, however, will not and do compete with a dog for nutrit

Photo my friend has a 4 yr old boxer and every now and again his hind legs give way what would cause this?

you know I heard a story about that.. watch him because they are notorius for getting spinal problems because they are so happy and bounce around so much. He may have put damage may be catching up.

Photo Are all boxers german boxers?

boxers originate from Germany but there is a slight diffrence in boxers who are bred in the US, UK, and of course Germany

Photo How much exercise does a fully grown boxer need?

An hours walk a day for sure, I also got a second Boxer to play with my first guy, my guys are almost 2 years apart and are best pals, You should see tham together in my yard, great to see.

Photo How can I remove ticks from my boxers and make them ticks free? I used some medications but they wer

Use a pair of tweezers to grasp the tick as close as possible to the dogs skin. Make sure you grabed the whole tick as parts of the mouth left behind can cause an infection. Wash the wound and dab it

Photo Our boxer pups are 2 weeks old. When can I introduce the male boxer (father) back into the family t

You shouldn't introduce the father back into the family until the puppies are about 10 weeks old. I do not know if the mother is still there or how many you have or if you are planning to sell them. Y

Photo I have a one year old female boxer and I was wondering what other breed of dog are good with boxers?

Boston terriers and boxers go very well together!

Photo How much and how often should a boxer eat?
Photo Should i see the ribs and spine on a female boxer?

Our 21 month old female, Laila, is very lean and sometimes you can see her ribs a bit. Not her spine though. I sometimes wonder if she's undernourished because she doesn't have that square build you s

Photo Are boxer dogs the most sensitive dogs?

I have been around many breeds of dogs, and I have yet to see a breed more sensitive than a Great Dane. They are called the gentle giant for a reason. Boxers are very sensitive to human emotion and ch

Photo Has anyone had any luck with any specific product with contact allergies in your boxer? We have fou

Purina sells a dog food specific for wheat allergies, it is lamb and rice, check with local feed dealers or call your local purina dealer to find a local dealer. I had a boxer who was very allergic t

Photo We have a male boxer, Tyson, that is 3 years old. I just would like to know is he the only boxer tha

I have a 6 year old boxer and he has always shed hair year round. We live in the midwest with all the different climates and I have not noticed him shedding more or less anytime of the year.

Photo Is my boxer overweight or just a larger breed? We have 2 male boxers, one is 2 years old and weig
Photo What seems to be the average time for the testicles to drop in this breed. I have a 8wk. old that th

Yes ur vet is right. It will drop from the scrotum between 7 to 9 months. Don't worry.

Photo I have nine week old female boxer and I am concerned that if I leave her in the back, will she fall

There is not a certain age in which they can swim. It is mostly instinct for them. The best thing to do would be to put the dog in some sort of water to get them used to the idea and let them learn ho

Photo I was wondering if the boxer had a specific breed that it likes to play with around the house or whe

Our boxer loves all other dogs but his very best friend is a sweet female pitbull. They are about the same size and love to play. They are hilarious together. He is about 18 months old and although h

Photo Have litter of boxer pups and one is white with blue eyes. Is this normal or could this pup have a p

I have owned a white Boxer and many people do. Some have blue eyes and some brown. My understanding is the AKC does not accept this color in the breed and some euthanised. Too sad as my white boxer wa

Photo I have an 11 month old male boxer and he keeps chewing on his bottom. I have tried Lanacaid cream, s

If he's chewing on his bottom he might need to have his anal glands squeezed. You should talk to your vet.

Photo I was wondering why my 1 year old boxer has not gone into heat yet? Is it normal for her to not have

yes this is very normal,some boxers will not come into there first heat until age two. one of my girls did not come in until she was 17 months.and then i have another one that came in to her first hea

Photo My husband and I just got a 2 1/2 (almost 3 year old) boxer. She is a little shy. Her previous owner

My female boxer was 3 months old when we got her and she was very scared of all men and some women. We went to a trainer and asked what we should do to help her with her fear. she said just take it sl

Photo I have a 4 year old fawn female boxer. She recently started freaking out when u touch her back. She

i have a two year old boxer and i discovered that he has an allergy to any dog food with corn in it. he starts losing hair and having a horrible runny nose. he now eats one of the higher quality foods

Photo I have a 2 year old boxer. His name is quite fitting. I just have a few problems with him. He wont s

I have a boxer as well and they are never to old to train. I wouldn't suggest kneeing a dog in the chest ever. when he jumps turn your body directly away from him with no eye contact. If verbal con

Photo I have a two year old boxer she is deaf, and doesn't like to play much.. We have her on Blue Buffalo

Boxers are notoriously gassy! Mine is in perfect health and can stink out a room of people. I wouldn't worry about the gas if that is all that seems to be wrong.

Photo I have a 10wk old female boxer. When I first got her a 6wks old she was under weight, wormy, and ful

You need to go to puppy school. You take her out on a leash and to one area, she will need to go first thing, after eating and or playing. When you see her start to pee you say her name and GO PEE a

Photo I have a female boxer which has developed a foul oder with leakage coming from the vaginal area. Wha
Photo I have been blessed to be given a 5 year old boxer what I need to know is how much to feed him and h

The type of food that you purchase for your boxer wil go by the weight of the dog. I usually alway have food in the bowl for my boxers to eat. This is more difficult now that I have a boxer puppy as

Photo I have a white boxer male and a white boxer female is it a good idea to breed these two?

White is a genetic defect and these two should not be bred. As you probably know, most white boxers are deaf and some are blind. Ethical breeders are trying to breed out the gene that turns them white

Photo I have recently gotten a black and white boxer. His name is Zeuss and I have been doing research an

No such thing as a black Boxer, the colors are Fawn, Brindle and you can get reverse Brindle that might look like it is black, your Breeder should have give you this information. Boxers that are mo

Photo When can you switch a boxer from puppy food to adult food?

You should ask your vet, I feed my pup Large breed puppy dog food for the first year

Photo Is there a such thing as a "German Boxer" which is considerably larger than the traditiona

I have read about it on the internet that there are two types...and I actually have two boxers...they are both has a larger head, chest and is much more muscular than the what I

Photo I have a 1 1/2 year old boxer who has always had loose stool and bad gas. I have tried several food

My Chops was the same & i put him on Royal Canin that i got from my vet. Its pricey but i noticed a difference within days! Tell the vet your dogs sex & age because it comes in different diets

Photo i am curious to know what the difference is between a classic brindle and a flashy brindle? can anyo

Flashy means they have white markings, a classic brindle means they have no white markings

Photo i am looking after a boxer and she is shedding lots is it normal or could it be stress cuz her owner

I have a boxer and it sheds almost constantly. He is in good health so I dunno but it is a pain in the butt.

Photo I have a 1 1/2 year old boxer who has a problem with scratching....he seems to be itchy all the tim

I Have a White Female Boxer who is almost 5 yrs.old.She has always had severe itching until she bleeds. I tried every food & shampoo for her skin allergy. Until one day I tried this food called...

Photo My boxer has soft stools (very soft) and has really bad gas. We are currently feeding him Royal Can

I own a white boxer who use to have a serius gas issue until i changed his food to Preformatrin Adult formula, ( dry food ). i have been fortunate to not have to experience any more gas issues.

Photo I have a white female with 3 brindle patches. What do I write on the color box of her registry paper
Photo Why do people dislike white boxers? I know they may have hearing problems but why will some breeders
Photo Why does my 11 month old boxer female always back into me, sit on my foot or straddle my legs while

she may be testing her limits by taking dominate postures / positions. May not sound like much, but consult a dog trainer if you would like a second opinion or other ways of stopping this. Prevent her

Photo I own a 4 month old boxer named Harley she is awsome. Im worried about the feeding mu

I have a 12 month old female boxer named Bailey. She is full of energy and loves to eat. We took her to obedience class and we were given a website to look at regarding her food. It is called 'dogf

Photo I have a 3 year old female fawn boxer who has a knot on her back close to the tail bone. Can anyone

My 3 year old had on of those on her right side. She even lost the hair on the lump. The lump lasted about 5 or 6 months and then just went away.

Photo We have a 10 month old brindle boxer. He is very active, we take him on walks, play ball with him an

we have a 10 month old brindal boxer too. he is the sweetest dog in the whole world! Boxers drink alot of water. what we have been doing is not letting him drink after 6 or 7 pm and we usually go to b

Photo I have a brindle boxer that is one year old but he only shows his red stripes in the sun i don't kno

If he is more black than red (which it sounds like it) then you probably have a reverse brindle. A reg brindle is the fawn *(red) with black stripes and the reverse is the black with red stripes.

Photo I want to go for a mature boxer dog. for the purpose i have seen a 10 month old boxer. i want to kno

10 mo is still a good age. I would suggest that you bring your puppy with you to check him out and see how he responds. Other than that..the running to look for the old owner shouldn't be a problem. A

Photo Is it possible to get a puppies ears to stand even if they have been cut , wrapped..and then left? T
Photo I have a 10yr old boxer and it seems that for the last month or so she seems to be gaining alot of w

I had a dog with the same symptoms, and attributed it to "old age". Sorry to say, he had Cushing's Disease, and we put him down 2 weeks ago. He would have been 13 in August.Please have you

Photo my boxer and beagle are in an outside kennel when were not home and when it rains and is muddy she j
Photo I have a 7 month old male boxer that has several behavior problems. How do i get him to quit barkin
Photo Always headed for the door when i leave for work,hasnt done it for 2days now.Loss of appetite for th

You didn't mention the age of your Boxer. A common disease in Boxers is called spinal fusion and it sounds like your dog is displaying the symptoms. I would google this and take your dog to the vet. T

Photo Ive had Roxy for 2 weeks now shes 9 months old when left on her own she wees poos, and has chewed bu

She probably has separation anxiety. You need to desensitize her to when you are gone. This is done by leaving her for increasing amounts of time, starting with only a few seconds. You can do it man

Photo CHEWING when left allown, any tips for this behavoir problem its as soon as i leave the building for

I don't mean to assume, but typically a dog (any breed) with a chewing problem also has another problem...lack of exercise. Boxers need, at minimum, a daily walk of at least 30 minutes. They are hig

Photo I have a white male boxer he is about 3. I rescude him from the pound. I have had him 2 years now. H

buy a dog ear cleaning solution and follow the directions...if it doesn,t help ...your dog might have a bacterial or fungal can try finding meds over the internet...good is

Photo My husband and I allow our 6 year old boxer to sleep in bed with us. Since she is so affected by wea

boxers are really affectionate mine does the same with me and really your her security blanket. she feels safe with you there and is touching you so if you get up she knows. at night mine is right on


that is indeed very strange.

Photo Hello, I am very intereseted in purchasing a dog fo rthe first time. I rally dont knwo where to st

My boxer was really great with little kids as long as he new them but certain people he did not know he snapped at if you get a boxer DO NOT let anyone pull at his ears.

Photo when can boxer puppy started having puppy what age


Photo this just started two nights ago, she has been sleeping all night in her kennel snice we got her at

She is probably getting lonely

Photo I just got a 7 month old male boxer a week ago. this dog will not go up or down stairway, go in or

Treats. Entice your pup up & & out with a favorite treat. When he obeys, praise & reward. Boxers are very smart and long on memory. He must have had a bad experience with the up

Photo I just got a 7 month old male boxer a week ago. This dog will not go up or down stairway, go in or o

I had the same problem you will have to kind of force him/her down the stairs or up the stairs now don't hurt them. My boxer love going out on the leash late at night but during the day he will not le

Photo My husband and I are very interested (def. getting one) in a Boxer pup, we are not sure if a Male or

ummmm not nesasserly not all grass dies when peeed on its 50 50 boys are a bit rougher thoug when playing so posibly hurt cats thinking hes playing but girls and cats could get in fight with cats be

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