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I have an eight-month-old male Brittany. He is very lovable (and loved) and playful; he eats well, gets exercised for at least an hour a day, has toys and treats, and has had some professional training. The problem is he mouths HARD and bites me and my son ONLY (not my daughter or husband). We've tried spraying water, sour apple flavoring, and disciplining but he doesn't want to stop. He will gnaw on my arm while I'm putting on his walking harness or just jump up and bite me and try to rip my clothes. He's very friendly with outsiders (except the jumping up) and fortunately, never attempts to bite anyone else. As a note, my son and I are the ones that play with him the most. What can I do?

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Wow, that sounds like our 7 month old male "Shiner". He is very mouthy and while he doesnt actually bite, he does tend to put his mouth on our hands while we are walking - and is mouthy seeking attnetion while we sit on the porch. He is getting better, but we constantly have to correct him. If he gets too mouthy seeking attention, we ignore him, give him a slight smack on the nose or move inside. He also rushes at our legs with his body, and tries to "herd" us as we walk. He is a rescue pup our mail carrier found abandoned at approx 5-6 weeks old and I believe he is a mix with something else, but he's the spitting image of a Brit. We have him trained to sit, lay and stay with hand signs. He is a strong and willful pup but wants very much to please. Our plan is to keep reinforcing good behaviour and not let him train us by acting out when he wants attention. Good luck. This is one smart pup.

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